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Novation Launchkey 49 and FL Studio 11

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May 30, 2013 (23:35)
Hello and good day all;
I just purchased the Novation Launchkey as it is one of the controllers listed in the Controller Type list. I opened a new session and the keyboard part works fine, alone with the Octave buttons but nothing else seems to work without mapping it first. Is this correct? This is doing the same thing my Axiom 49 did, which is not much of anything out of the box. I am doing some research on it now to make sure I am not missing anything but....I expected the pitch and modulator wheels to work as well.


Jun 12, 2013 (2:24)
On automap server you got a Tab Software Setup ...

Aug 29, 2014 (21:24)
Improved support for Launchkey 25/49/61 Launchk...

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