FL Studio 9: A REAL UPDATE, Check this!!(freeze, playlist..)

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KyO Deejay Project
Apr 01, 2008 (12:04)
Ok this would be a real update for FL Studio (it doesnt a bunch of new generators/effects and bugfixes)

My english is horrible, IÂ’ll try to explain but I think that the pictures talks itself.

FL Studio 9 what's new

1. New playlist section.
2. Added slots for MIDI effects and Playlist Audio effects
3. New freezing tracks
4. Full multicore support
5. New browser snap, now hide its posible.
6. New MIDI delay compensation.
7. Packs of generator and effects (free & demo)

1. New playlist section.

FL Studio 9 now can use (and hide individually) three different playlist. Two of them are the classic “Pattern PlayList” and “Free PlayList”. The new playlist is the “Track Based Playlist”. You can route the track to the desired FL Studio Mixer insert channel. Also you can record in them as a classic secuencer.


2. Added slots for effects (Playlist Effects)

The track based playlist can host up 4 Midi Effects and 4 Audio Effects. You can switch them with the MFX and AFX buttons. Red buttons mean that there are effects added.

3. Freeze

FL Studio can freeze individual tracks from “Track Based Playlist” using the F button. You can move the patterns, delete them or add new audio effects because the patterns are freezed individually (with their time based track effects too (not the mixer effects), but you cannot see their tails)
But you cannot add midi effects, or delete/change any effects, or change the patterns, because the Playlist Effects are freezed too.

Freezed tracks are in blue.

4. Full multicore support

FL Studio support multicore processors for every generator and effect.

5. New Browser snap

Now you can hide the folders in browser. So you can have a “real plugin organizer” in a Snap, all the sample folder in another snap... etc


6. MIDI delay compensation

MIDI Out, Dashboard and FL Synthmaker can delay the out MIDI messages, now you can use hardware synth in perfect sync with your song/loop.

7. Packs of generator and effects

blablablablablabalbal New effect for external hardware effects device blablbablablabla

Apr 01, 2008 (19:05)
That playlist looks really good. I hope that FL...

Apr 01, 2008 (19:52)
Very good proposals., It would be good that...

Apr 01, 2008 (19:55)
To be honest I think the next upgrade should be...

Apr 01, 2008 (20:03)
Also it would be good to have an option of shoo...

Apr 01, 2008 (20:36)
very very impressive man. i imageline should gi...

Apr 01, 2008 (20:59)
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Apr 01, 2008 (21:44)
You have really good ideas! I wish gol and the ...

Apr 01, 2008 (22:31)
+1 once again I vote for this as it is needed...

Apr 01, 2008 (23:36)
I like your idea for the playlist. It satisfies...

Apr 02, 2008 (10:37)
CLAP CLAP CLAP..... if it can be possible (sur...

Apr 02, 2008 (10:38)
Great! Fantastic ideas Kyo!!! Imageline hav...

Apr 02, 2008 (12:11)
Now this is a great idea!! Great job KyO Deeja...

Apr 02, 2008 (13:22)
It would be a great Improvement with this updat...

Apr 02, 2008 (17:16)
I find no use to your suggestion, but I wouldn'...

KyO Deejay Project
Apr 02, 2008 (18:16)
HAHHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA you're the tipical chump...

Apr 02, 2008 (18:19)
your new playlist doesn't make a lot of sense t...

KyO Deejay Project
Apr 02, 2008 (18:38)
Me neither. I said that bugfixes+true improveme...

Apr 02, 2008 (21:57)
All I know is that I can create music in FL in ...

Apr 02, 2008 (22:10)
JOJOLO wrote:As you can see all (more or less) ...

Apr 02, 2008 (22:33)
Sorry , Dion but ... I'm tired of hearing peopl...

KyO Deejay Project
Apr 02, 2008 (22:51)
Tracks based are obsolete but allows freezes, M...
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Apr 02, 2008 (23:02)
JOJOLO wrote:track-based sequencing is ultra-ba...

Apr 02, 2008 (23:15)
OK but ... I think now that the playlist is not...

Apr 03, 2008 (22:39)
Not many interesting news for FL9 here I ag...

Apr 05, 2008 (7:07)
I think IM must do something with the playlist,...

Apr 05, 2008 (10:47)
++1 That playlist with the multitrack view is ...

Apr 05, 2008 (12:01)
Richie_Real wrote:JOJOLO wrote:80 % (or more) i...

Apr 07, 2008 (14:20)
In the old Fl forums before they were closed th...

Apr 07, 2008 (15:14)
L.M wrote:The day FL goes track based and ties ...

Apr 07, 2008 (21:00)
not wanting to wee on your barbecue or whatever...

KyO Deejay Project
Apr 07, 2008 (22:07)
mattt, with this idea you could use FL Studio a...

Apr 08, 2008 (0:33)
mattt wrote:I understand that you are suggestin...

Apr 08, 2008 (1:54)
Hi I understand your reasoning. Seems like I a...

Apr 08, 2008 (10:33)
mattt wrote:I have grown to think of audio appl...

KyO Deejay Project
Apr 08, 2008 (10:51)
You could use the actual playlist, or the track...

Apr 15, 2008 (16:33)
+++1 Great KyO !! Great ideas for FL !!

KyO Deejay Project
Apr 18, 2008 (12:22)
SuperSonicLee wrote:+++1Great KyO !!Great ideas...

Apr 18, 2008 (16:39)
If you're needing a track based system, why not...

Apr 18, 2008 (18:05)
AaronGNP wrote:If you're needing a track based ...

KyO Deejay Project
Apr 18, 2008 (18:11)
Don't worry, I'm not using FL Studio anymore, o...

Apr 27, 2008 (19:20)
+++1 It´s a Good ideas!!

Apr 29, 2008 (0:03)
Nice ideas on the playlist mate.I'd also love i...

May 07, 2008 (1:32)
Great work, definitely looks like FL9 to me!!!...

May 07, 2008 (1:54)
the playlist idea seems totally horrid... just...

KyO Deejay Project
May 07, 2008 (7:55)
jasonbrianmerrill wrote:the playlist idea seems...

May 30, 2008 (7:52)
for those who like track base DAWs it maybe pos...
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Jun 09, 2008 (4:04)
srtopepis wrote:++1That playlist with the multi...

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