Read this if Project Bones is annoying you. Easier Way!

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Tue Nov 06, 2012 7:19 am

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Read this if Project Bones is annoying you. Easier Way!

Hi :)

Found a simpler way of copying instruments, effects etc between projects without using project bones.

Open up 2 Projects:
1. Open FL. Navigate to project to be copied from.
2. Leave the first project open, and open FL again.

To copy Intruments:
1. Make sure your toolbars along the top of FL are locked in place. Now, double click the top-left corner of one of the FL's. It will become a window, as opposed to fullscreen. You can now resize the window by clicking and dragging on the edges or corners of it.
2. Drag the window into a place where you can see both step sequencers.
3. Open up the instrument or effect from the step sequencer by left clicking it.
4. Click the drop down arrow on the top left of the instrument/effect.
5. Left Click and hold on the 'Save preset as...' button and drag it onto the step sequencer in the other instance of FL. This will copy the instrument/effect from one instance to the other.

To copy Effects:
Same as the process for copying instruments except you open up the effect in the mixer, click the drop down arrow, then click and drag the 'Save preset as...' button onto the mixer track in the other instance of FL. This will copy the effect onto the mixer track that you dragged to in the other instance of FL.

NOTE: Notice in the picture below, the 'minimised' FL has the toolbars stuffed up. It will automatically fix itself once you maximise the window, as long as you had the toolbars locked in place before minimising. To lock them in place, right click anywhere on the toolbars and click 'Lock'. If FL doesn't correct itself once maximised again, close the one with the stuffed up toolbars first, then the correct one last. FL will use the toolbar placements from the last one closed, so once you reopen FL, the toolbars will be back in their correct place.

Hope that helps :)

Copying between FLs.png
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