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Sound packs for FL Studio 11

for all your functional and musical questions
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Mike JezZ
Jul 07, 2013 (17:53)
Hello guys,

I bought FL Studio recently, and while it is incredibly awesome, I really need some more sounds.

Now I am all new to this, so if anyone has links for (some free would be nice) sound packs for FL Studio I would be really happy.

I am doing rap beats, but also some dubsteb.

Jul 07, 2013 (17:55) (sign up and almost every p...

Mike JezZ
Jul 07, 2013 (18:16)
undersound wrote: (si...

Jul 07, 2013 (18:43)
Check the content library from the button on th...

Jul 07, 2013 (19:27)
Mike JezZ wrote:undersound wrote:http://www.loo...

Jul 08, 2013 (10:32)
There are a LOT of really good, high-quality So...

Jul 08, 2013 (17:48)

Mike JezZ
Jul 08, 2013 (18:19)
nucleon wrote:Check the content library from th...

Jul 09, 2013 (10:06)
Actually only one guy mentioned a website calle...

Aug 22, 2013 (17:27)
those r good for loops mainly search soundpacks...

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