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FL Studio 11 Wont Export ANYTHING! PLEASE HELP!

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Pherixx Productions
Dec 26, 2013 (0:41)
Ive been using FL Studio 11 for a few months and never really had problems. I always export my songs as WAV. Just recently though, when I go to export a song, it freezes up or it doesnt even move from 0% on any format. WAV, MP3, OGG, MIDI, Neither work. I've tried reinstalling FL Studio, and freezing my tracks but that doesnt work either because when I try to freeze them, it does the same thing; freezes or doesnt move from 0%

What do I do?

Site Admin
Dec 26, 2013 (21:04)
What version of FL 11 do you use, exactly? Chec...

Pherixx Productions
Dec 27, 2013 (23:13)
I'm running 11.0.0.I also noticed that when I t...

Dec 28, 2013 (2:12)
I am getting the same issue, the only thing I c...

Dec 28, 2013 (2:52)
Updating to 11.0.4 seems to have fixed the prob...

Pherixx Productions
Dec 28, 2013 (3:07)
Where can I get the upgrade?

Site Admin
Dec 28, 2013 (5:53)
Pherixx Productions wrote:Where can I get the u...
What's this knob do? The F1 key is your friend!

Pherixx Productions
Dec 29, 2013 (20:14)
Upgrading to 11.0.4 fixed the problem! Thank yo...

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