M-Audio Xponent

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Tue Apr 15, 2008 1:34 pm

M-Audio Xponent

Manufacturer: www.m-audio.com
Supported in Deckadance since: Deckadance 1.3

Make sure to:
  • Enable both midi inputs AND outputs (3) of the Xponent
  • select the Xponent (2) in the controller list. Use the scrolbar (1).
  • Set the bank switch in front of the xponent to the left (Bank A).
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Tue Apr 22, 2008 10:46 am

Midi Mapping:
Deckadance Function Xponent Controls Notes
Enables/Disables Scratch Touch button (Finger) ON: Scratch - OFF: Pitch bend
Monitor Headphone button  
Set Start point Large "X" button  
Downbeat mark Large "-" button  
Scratch or Pitch Bend Scratch Wheel (rotate) Select the Scratch/Pitch Bend state via the "Touch" button
Platter hold/release Scratch Wheel (touch) Only if scratch mode is enabled
Effect x axis (fx depth param) Effect 1 knob  
Effect select down Effect 1 button  
Effect y axis (fx dry/wet param) Effect 2 knob  
Effect select up Effect 2 button  
Sampler 1 volume Effect 3 knob  
Sampler 1 play Effect 3 button Shift + Effect 3 button = Sampler 1 Rec
Sampler 2 volume Effect 4 knob  
Sampler 2 play Effect 4 button Shift + Effect 4 button = Sampler 2 Rec
Fine pitch decrement < button  
Fine pitch increment > button  
Jump to cue point 1 1 button Shift + 1 button = Set cue point 1
Jump to cue point 2 2 button Shift + 2 button = Set cue point 2
Jump to cue point 3 3 button Shift + 3 button = Set cue point 3
Jump to cue point 4 4 button Shift + 4 button = Set cue point 4
Relooper 1 5 button Shift + 5 button = Relooper 2
Jump 1 beat backward |< button Shift + |< button = Jump 1 bar backward
Jump 1 beat forward >| button Shift + >| button = Jump 1 bar forward
Tempo lock Lock button  
Loop size increment Small "+" button  
Loop size decrement Small "-" button  
Pitch bend decrement << button Seek backward on pause
Pitch bend increment >> button Seek forward on pause
1 beat direct Loop Loop 1 button  
2 beats direct Loop Loop 2 button  
4 beats direct Loop Loop 4 button  
8 beats direct Loop Loop 8 button  
Cue/Trigger Cue button  
Loop snap Loop On/Off button  
Play/Pause Play/Pause button  
Loop momentary Loop In button Shift + Loop In button = Loop switch
Leap momentary Loop Out button Shift + Loop Out button = Leap switch
Pitch +/- 8.0% (0.1% resolution) Pitch Slider  
Effect x axis (fx depth param) Touchpad X axis Left (...Right) Mouse button must to be hold down
Effect y axis (fx dry/wet param) Touchpad Y axis Left (...Right) Mouse button must to be hold down
Enables touchpad fx control for left deck Left Mouse button Take note that the MIDI button must to be on
Enables touchpad fx control for right deck Right Mouse button Take note that the MIDI button must to be on
Activate the shift function for left deck Left Shift button  
Activate the shift function for right deck Right Shift button  
Gain Gain knob  
Gain kill Gain button  
Eq High High knob  
Eq High kill High button  
Eq Mid Mid knob  
Eq Mid kill Mid button  
Eq Low Low knob  
Eq Low kill Low button  
Monitor mix fader Cue knob  
Beat sync Sync button This button blinks at BPM rate
Volume Volume slider  
Punch Transform button Shift + Transform button = Cut
Master crossfader Crossfader  
Enables the touchpad for FX control MIDI button  
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