EKS XP-10 & XP-5

MIDI Controllers FL Studio & Deckadance officially support
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Apr 15, 2008 (17:20)
Manufacturer: http://www.eks.fi
Product Page: http://eks.fi/product.php?p=products&id=2
Supported in Deckadance since: Deckadance 0.85


Apr 29, 2008 (11:19)
Midi Mapping:
Deckadance Function XP5 & XP10 Notes
Pitch Bend or Scratch Jog Wheel - rotate Scratch on pause or when touch sensor is active
Sampler 1 play Ok button  
Sampler 1 Rec Menu button Sampler PFL in Deckadance LE
Relooper 1 Play mode button  
Relooper 2 Pitch mode button  
Relooper 3 Pitch range button  
Tempo lock Playlist button  
Loop size increment Brake spin up button  
Loop size decrement Reverse button  
Cue/Trigger Cue button  
Play/Pause Play button  
Loop In button  
Leap Out button  
Loop & Leap snap mode Reloop button  
Pitch Pitch Slider  
Beat sync Eject button  
Playlist select previous Up button  
Playlist select next Down button  
Playlist load selected item to deck A Left button  
Playlist load selected item to deck B Right button  
Hot cue point #1 A button  
Hot cue point #2 B button  
Hot cue point #3 C button  
Hot cue point #4 D button  

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