How to setup BCR2000 AND BCF2000 in FL Studio (guide)

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Wed Jul 02, 2008 4:23 pm

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How to setup BCR2000 AND BCF2000 in FL Studio (guide)

Hello everybody,

After a couple of frustrating days of trying to find the best way to setup Behringer BCR2000 (together with BCF2000) in FL studio, I finally found the way to set it up.

So here is my GUIDE of how to setup and use BCR2000 AND BCF2000 together in FL Studio.

A. Controllers installation.
A.1 Go to and download the latest drivers for both BCF2000 and BCR2000.
A.2 Connect both BCR2000 and BCF2000 controllers to the USB ports of your computer
A.3 Start them both.
A.4 When the "found new hardware" window is poping up, DO NOT close this window and also DO NOT continue on it.
A.4 Start the driver installation (the one downloaded from the BEHRINGER site (if you are on Window XP, continue the installation, when asked).
A.5 After the installation is done, RESTART the computer.
A.6 After the computer RESTART, on both BCR2000 and BCF2000, do the following settings:
- Power Up the controller
- Keep the EDIT key pressed and press the STORE key at the same time. The B-CONTROL is now in the global setup menu.
- Turn the TYPE encoder (top left knob) until you see "U 1"
- Press Exit button
A.7 Power down BCF2000 (if you have it) and do the setting to put it in Mackie emulation mode. Hold down the second button from the left in the top row of buttons on the BCF2000 while pressing the power button. Release the second button once the unit powers up. If you have timed this step correctly the display of the BCF2000 should read "n C C". The unit is now in "Mackie Control Mapping for Cubase and Nuendo" emulation mode. The next time the unit is powered up it will remain in the same emulation mode. If you do not see "nc c", then repeat this step.

B. Tweak the presets on BCR2000 (optional)
B.1 Download BC Manager from: (besides the software there are a couple of flash videos explaining how to use it and also, comming with the software there is a very good manual that you can use to learn how to use the software)
B.2 Install it.
B.3 Power up both controllers (or at least BCR2000).
B.4 Start the BCManager app.
B.4 Move the presets from the preset 2 up to make room for extra presets to be used in FL Studio.
B.5 Copy the first preset (named "all controlls") to the 2nd, 3rd etc. empty place (depends on how many presets do you want to use with FL Studio - I created 10 and put them as the first 10 presets)
B.6 Change the channel used by the controls to channel 2, 3 etc. (each preset should use a different channel - preset 1 - channel 1, preset 2 - channel 2, etc.). You should change all other controls but the play, stop, forward and back buttons should be changed. These buttons should remain in all presets on channel 1.
B.7 Save these presets to the BCR2000 controller.
B.8 If everything was setup correctly, now you should have 10 (or so) presets ready to be used in FL studio.

Now the controllers should be ready to be used in FL Studio.

C. SETTINGS in FL Studio.
NOTE: Before starting FL Studio, start both the controllers!!!

C.1 Open menu Options -> MIDI Settings (or press F10)
C.2 In the output, setup both controllers to use port number 102 and select for both "Send master sync" checkbox
C.3 In the Input both controls should be on "Mackie Control Universal" controller type and Enabled
C.4 Now close the MIDI settings
C.4 no other settings should be done for BCF2000
C.5 If you want to permanently setup BCR2000 with the knobs in FL Studio do the following:
- Select "Multilink to controllers" (the checkbox next to the joystick in the top toolbar of FL Studio)
- Right click on the knob that you wnat to control and select "Link to controller"
- Move a knob that you want to control with on BCR2000 controller (or select the corresponding Channel and Controller - based on the image mapped by me below)
C.6 Unselect "Multilink to controllers".

REMEBER: there are 4 groups of controllers controlled by the knobs on the top row and the buttons on the top right side, for each preset, so that will give you 56 knobs and 48 buttons on each preset.

You're ready to rock&roll now!

Thank you for your future contributions of the same type!
Gol, please post this, so my fellow FL citizens will start using their toys ASAP.
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Fri Oct 10, 2008 3:11 pm

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