FPC needs layer filters, envelopes POSSIBLE SOLUTIONS inside

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Jan 01, 2009 (3:51)
Feb 15 Latest Update: While the decision will ultimately be up to the developers, posters have suggested some possible solutions such as: adding knobs to the FPC, using Slicex Articulators, or having Sampler Channel Settings pop up when you middle-click a waveform in the FPC (see post below or click on this link). I just want to show that there are many options with pros and cons. For example, this new and simple idea does not require any changes to the FPC's GUI and it does not require the development of completely new tools. All we need is for the FPC's sample layers to be like Sampler Channels. And yet it would fulfill this huge need for more control over the individual layers in the FPC.


Note: I posted the letter to Reflex at this link, so that you don't have to scroll down to find it.

Dear Image-Line Team,

[[Note: a shorter version of this appears in the next post, I wanted to give examples in this long version]]

One of FPC’s high points is the ability to trigger different samples with the same pad, by using velocity layers, so that you can make realistic drum kits. The FPC also has the flexibility to put different samples on the same pad at the same velocity, making it ideal for layering and creating new drum sounds from a combination of samples. Right now, you can control the volume, panning, and even the tuning of each layer to achieve a balance between the sounds, but a couple more “layer-specificâ€Â
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I guess its just you and me on this one.

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e.g.: wrote:I guess its just you and me on this...

Jan 17, 2009 (2:14)
e.g.: wrote:I guess its just you and me on this...

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I would welcome these features. I too end up u...

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[Note: I tried to write a PM to Reflex (Frederi...

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