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FPC layers should have Sampler Channel Settings Windows

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Should the samples in the FPC have settings windows like the Sampler Channels (clicking on the sample brings up a sampler settings dialog)? This would be an easy solution to make the FPC useful. Please read on.

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Apr 26, 2009 (0:26)
This way, it's like we could have Sampler Channels in the Step Sequencer AND in the FPC. Imagine this: you click on a waveform in the FPC, and the Sampler Settings window for that waveform comes up, allowing you to have all those wonderful envelopes and filters you get in the Step Sequencer's sampler channels. It wouldn't change the FPC's GUI, and it wouldn't require the development of completely new tools.

What I've noticed on the Image-Line forums is that every few months, someone posts a request for a new feature to the FPC (more recently, pitch envelopes (link), but other requests have been for trim and offset knobs (link), layer amp envelopes (link) and filters(link1, link2), and for sampler-settings-style pitch control(link), as well as other sampler channel tools like quick fade (link)). I thought about this for a long time and I realized that most of the posts are requesting for features that Sampler Channels have.

The reason is simple, users of FL Studio first get accustomed to having the tools of Sampler Channels for EVERY single sample, and then when they try to use the FPC, they find that the tools they're used to using are not there; then they either give up on the FPC or they try to request the features.

Keep in mind, if this request is implemented, it would NOT change the GUI of the FPC, because the Sampler Settings would appear in a new window. Though, if Image-Line wanted to, they could sell a VST version of this by simply docking the sampler settings window to the side, it would be a low-CPU, sensible alternative to the overblown drum samplers in the market right now. However, this doesn't matter to most users, what matters is that if Image-Line brought Sampler channels into the FPC, they would be leaders in the DAW market: the first to supply a DAW that comes with a great drum plugin.

Simply put, compared to the layering sound design possibilities in the Step Sequencer, the FPC is extremely limited, because it doesn't have many layer-specific controls. For instance, it doesn't have any envelopes for the LAYERS within the pads. But the FPC would be awesome and fill a void in my production if the individual waveforms were like Sampler Channels, in that you can click on EACH and EVERY individual waveform and have a Sampler Settings window come up for every waveform. This would be an easy solution to the FPC's problem of not having much control over the sounds of the layers. It is common in today's production to make custom drum sounds by combining multiple drum sounds. The waveforms are our clay from which we sculpt our sounds from using tools that are in the Sampler Channels.

I want an easy way to play multi-velocity custom layered kits on my keyboard or drum pad, that can have each pad going to a different mixer track (which the FPC can do), but I also need sound design abilities. Therefore, there are many reasons to push for a better FPC (imagine programming all your drums in one piano roll, saving custom drum sounds as FPC pad presets for further tweaking, instead of having to bounce them to wavs, making beats that don't sound quantized, or making beats faster, etc.)

I have been going around the FL Studio community and here's some of the feedback I've received from this idea:

"Now I'm reading that, I think that's a pretty good idea. It wouldn't clutter up the interface and would be useful." -LikeTwilight, member of the Flipside Forum

"While I agree with the idea and it would be a great addition to the FPC. It would not make the FPC the first great drum machine in a DAW. Most DAW's already feature great drum samplers, that said it would not hurt to bring FPC up to bar with the competition. Since the sampler channel is already intregrated in to the code, I imagine it would not be that time consuming to call it up inside the FPC (coding wise)." -Sabotage, a moderator at Warbeats

"This is one area that FPC is lacking and would allow so much control of the indvidual samples and does not seem that a great a change to the software but would also be one of the most useful. I trully would love to see this implemented." -boomtopper, Image-line forums.

"there are no envelopes on the layers within the pads, this is true and im finding no work around for that yet, and further more as i explore i agree with you that these features would surely be beneficial. It would be nice to click a loaded sample in a pad and bring up a sampler dialog, each sample having its own dialog." -Brolance, creator of FL Studio tutorial site Makeitlikeapro.

Apr 26, 2009 (2:03)
Well, you are persistent.

Apr 26, 2009 (6:21)
I'm all for this idea, would definitely take th...

Apr 26, 2009 (13:44)
It would definitely be a big improvement to the...

Apr 26, 2009 (17:02)
brolance wrote:The FPC is very useful, but i ca...

Apr 26, 2009 (18:47)
I would like to see FPC with sample start and s...

Apr 26, 2009 (22:16)
Why not use the step sequencer instead of FPC ?...

Apr 26, 2009 (22:42)
JOJOLO wrote:Why not use the step sequencer ins...

Apr 26, 2009 (22:58)
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Apr 27, 2009 (1:10)
JOJOLO wrote:Why not use the step sequencer ins...
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Apr 27, 2009 (1:15)
One advantage of the FPC is that it allows you ...

Apr 27, 2009 (9:32)
JOJOLO wrote:Why not use the step sequencer ins...
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Apr 28, 2009 (1:02)
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JOJOLO wrote:This said , It would be cool if yo...

Apr 28, 2009 (15:49)
survei wrote:We are so close, so close... such ...

Apr 28, 2009 (23:07)
I'm all for the idea. I love FPC and prefer it...

May 01, 2009 (1:10)
Dion wrote:survei wrote:We are so close, so clo...

May 01, 2009 (1:46)
I'd still rather have an articulator (ala Slice...

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May 08, 2009 (6:14)
well, as a person who a) uses the SS sampler c...

May 09, 2009 (2:52)
^In reply to outstretchedarm Wow, it seems you...

May 12, 2009 (4:29)
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May 29, 2009 (13:31)
It's a good idea... FPC is good, but more flexi...

Jul 17, 2009 (2:23)
I found a workaround for midi keyboard-users, i...

Jul 02, 2010 (23:47)
48 votes "for"... (as of July 2010).

Apr 22, 2011 (20:03)
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Apr 22, 2011 (21:00)
[quote="BaNaNaBoY"]Ya that sounds awe...

Apr 23, 2011 (4:40)
FPC with more sound design features (pitch enve...

Apr 23, 2011 (5:59)
Harmar wrote:FPC with more sound design feature...

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