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FL Studio 8.5 Public Beta 5 ...

for all your functional and musical questions
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Jul 20, 2009 (12:08)

You can find FL Studio 8.5 (Beta 5) in your account (check the FL product you own).

It will expire on the 20th of September and we'll post a new on by then (not as copy protection but to make sure
people use the new beta's and don't complain about fixed bugs). You can find & post problems in the bugs & fixes forum.

The installer was last updated on July, 27nd. Please download it again if you downloaded it before or on this date.

Updates since the first beta 5
- fixed vorbis acm codec ("lorikeets" sound with compressed wave files)
- fixed playlist crash when manipulating clips
- fixed something in Vocodex
- fixed loading VST plugin I/O settings from beta 4 projects

Here's what's new & fixed between beta 4 & beta 5:
  • Vocodex:

  • made sure soundfonts load even though a (previously mandatory) chunk is missing
  • added support for 24bit and 32bit aiff files
  • fixed loading soundfonts with multiple banks/presets when those were resorted
  • continue to load soundfont even if it doesn't have the "isng" chunk
  • added "copy to all zones" options for a number of zone properties

  • added some more locks when creating layers
  • new skin, some more changes
  • added possibility to "spread even" on a logarithmic scale
  • locking layers doesn't automatically spread them even anymore
  • now remembers the midi loop name when preset/file is loaded back

    Wasp XT:
  • fixed graphical glitch in slider button
  • parameters past unison had the wrong index when sent to the engine

  • calculate new sample position when plugin is processed, instead of when wrapper is processed
  • Wrapper: decreased max value of interfaceless wheels to prevent weird behaviour
  • Wrapper: cleaned up error message when DX plugin isn't found

  • added buy button
  • Changed status bar message for failed downloads, when the user is boxed
  • option to load regcode from file now also works in Windows
  • added "download regcode" menu item in manager
  • added possibility for web link items
  • double-clicking a failed item will go to the registration page (boxed) or retrieve regcode page (online users)
  • changed text for boxed registration popup menu item
  • fixed prev preset selection
  • fixed focus bug related to modal content selector
  • fixed bug executing items after download, wrong list was used
  • paused downloads are now added at the top of the list
  • tree will refresh less frequently
  • now deletes all relevant .info files when removing waiting or finished downloads; tp get rid of multiples
  • tree won't jump back to top when refreshing in response to finished download

    Other additions/fixes:
  • Updated score logger to work better with tempo changes (works a little differently now).
  • Can now delete playlist clips from their menu (handy for overlapping clips).
  • Added note preview when changing velocity (or other properties) in piano roll using ALT+mouse wheel on nearest note.
  • Edison: improved loop tuner (new tension feature).
  • Change: audio tracks are no longer set to "cut themselves".
  • Fixed minor automation bug in Slicex.
  • Fixed minor graphical mistake in mixer skin.
  • Up/down controls should now have no more problem with multiple monitors of different sizes.
Here are the issues fixed between beta 3 & beta 4:

  • Updated to LAME 3.98.2.
  • Improved playlist mouse wheel scrolling.
  • Right-clicking the playlist clip focus button brings a list of either audio, automation or pattern clip sources.
  • Improved "split mixer tracks" rendering filename management.
  • Edison: new "natural weighting" & improved "natural scale" for better spectral display, as well as new (slow) high quality mode that brings both time & frequency accuracy (especially in natural scale mode).
  • PEQ2, Wave Candy & FL now use natural weighting for their spectral display.
  • Added note helping lines in piano roll when notes are played.
  • Improve envelope editor's envelope smoothing tool & decimation tool.
  • New envelope filter tool in envelope editor.
  • Wave Candy: improved scale feature, and added piano kb helper to spectral display.
  • Fruity Reeverb 2: added option to process side.
  • Improved mixer's input "automap" feature (doesn't map mono inputs, and doesn't route them to master to avoid feedback).
  • Updated scripting engine used by Edison scripts (should allow VB scripts now).
  • Wrapper: now reports the sound device's i/o latency to the plugin
  • FPC: layer shows newly added item (i.e. scrolls to it)
  • FL Keys: high notes are now always decayed on release, instead of released immediately

    Implemented & removed:
  • Right-clicking playlist items no longer deletes them (hold halt to do so). (thrown, user complaints)
  • Can now middle-click working area to "pan" plugin windows (ONLY plugins, as it's designed for oversized VST's). (thrown, too many annoyances)

  • Wave Candy: Auto visual mode state now properly restored, some other bugfixes.
  • Slit pattern by channel now preserves pattern's beats per bar setting.
  • Fixed some common window-related weirdness (windows covering others while they shouldn't, etc).
  • Fixed troubles with snapping grid with specific PPQ settings.
  • Fixed minor bug in envelope smoothing tool.
  • Edison: fixed problem when reloading a state that had envelopes not mixed down.
  • Fixed problem with FL's hint bar sometimes not refreshing when loading things.

  • added control to set maximum release time for sampled notes
  • implemented new downloader interface, modeless
  • click on empty area in scrollbar(s) to go to that position
  • Updated CT dll
  • Reduced max polyphony to 256 to reduce cpu usage when idle
  • cache results of product code registration check to speed it up a bit
  • implemented ilreg system
  • improved filter speed
  • only filter when filter text is at least 3 characters
  • Implemented delete, move up and move down for items in manager's list
  • ToxicBio, Sawer and Morphine downloads can now also be downloaded from the selector (if the plugin is installed!)
  • improved "last view" behaviour a little bit
  • flush plugin if a sampled note didn't reach silence
  • all zone parameters are now changed for all selected zones, when "current selection" switch is on
  • mod reset now works for multiple selected zones
  • fixed the way a soundfont property was counted on import
  • Overwrite existing wave files when sampling a vst (but only .wav files)
  • make sure the samplerate is sent to the plugin before processing a vst plugin
  • DW no longer steals keyboard focus, except for edit controls
  • Loading a DWB file now tries to load a sample from file if it's not in the DWB
  • DWB files now save a reference to the file instead of the sample data when total recall is off
  • fixed acm import - sample length wasn't adjusted after conversion (was sometimes less than predicted)
  • Fixed mouse position inaccuracy for pitch bend and mod sliders (multi tab)
  • put critical section for sample preview slightly earlier

  • store location in global registry during installation, instead of just in local registry
  • fixed some crashes when the downloader couldn't find the download dll
  • selection window now has minimum size
  • fixed bug that caused downloads to start again after being finished
  • fixed download location calculation in manager

  • Ampersand was shown as a shortcut underline in the options window (info section)
  • Fixed a bug loading Arturia AnalogFactory settings
  • midi port changes after a plugin was dragged didn't make the wrapper ask the host to enable midi input
  • Added code to load shell plugins from different filename than when they were saved
  • use different way to determine if a plugin is VST1 or not
  • removed first check for value of FruityPlug in UpdateSize to make sure editor size is updated when loading the plugin fails
  • don't get parameter labels and value for shell plugin (waveshell) to prevent crash
  • fixed buffer (effect version) now doesn't zero output buffer and takes into account plugins without inputs
  • fixed assumption that an effect would have inputs
  • "onlysavefirstprogram" workaround for Blood Overdrive and Compressor is now used for all VST1 plugins
Here are the issues fixed between beta2 & beta 3:
  • The browser preview mixer track can't be set higher than 64.
  • all my projects with zebra2 get noise on the zebra channel (like a full peak digital noise)
  • Loading an older project with Fruity Delays in it, now the delays are out of sync.
  • Every time when I open Riff (from tools or from Piano Roll) and turn off "show details" and then switch to "Levels" and turn "show details" back on.
  • By the way the Parameter Automation record is a bug I tried all the non FLStudio VST I have and they do the same thing.
  • janko keyboard input mode, the enter key also is translated, it's a bit disturbing.
  • BeepMap crashes
  • just a small issue in the "Scale levels" tool: the tooltip of the new center knob says "Tension".
  • Load the New Stuff FLP file. Project starts to load. Gets to Fruity Multiband Compressor and crashes.
  • garbage when last of the mixer/playlist icons was used
  • very long hovering display in browser when a drive letter was added as an extra folder
  • browser F5/F6 making it lose kb focus
  • FSC score saving being broken (was actually saving them as MIDI files)
  • display bug for piano roll note levels (I also made slide notes no more on top of normal notes)
  • reeverb 2's early reflection bug
  • bug in envelope smoothing tool in Sytrus

The Image-Line Team

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Jul 20, 2009 (12:12)
Thank you! Can't wait to try it!!

Jul 20, 2009 (12:19)
yeehe yeeha!

Jul 20, 2009 (13:00)
Great ! Can't wait to try it. But i tought FL9 ...

Jul 20, 2009 (13:07)
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Jul 20, 2009 (13:09)
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Jul 20, 2009 (13:29)
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Jul 20, 2009 (14:05)
it`s here 150 mb

Jul 20, 2009 (14:07)
Ramoonus wrote:it`s here150 mb It's not in my a...
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Jul 20, 2009 (14:20)
Can't wait, really i think the guys at IL are r...

Jul 20, 2009 (14:23)
Ramoonus wrote:it`s here150 mb So FL is offici...

Jul 20, 2009 (14:26)
some bugs found, will post them any minute now

Jul 20, 2009 (14:34)
150 mb... downloading now... but i wonder wha...

Jul 20, 2009 (14:35)
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Jul 20, 2009 (14:50)
This may be a noob question but I updated to th...

Jul 20, 2009 (15:00)
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Jul 20, 2009 (15:01)
Weazle wrote:but i wonder what makes it 40 mbyt...

Jul 20, 2009 (15:10)
Thank you ImageLine! FPC's looking rather nice...

Jul 20, 2009 (15:33)
Yateszy wrote:This may be a noob question but I...

Site Admin
Jul 20, 2009 (15:36)
pbk wrote:So FL is officially a bloatware now! ...

Mr. sickVisionz
Jul 20, 2009 (15:48)
jmc wrote:pbk wrote:So FL is officially a bloat...

Jul 20, 2009 (15:50)

Site Admin
Jul 20, 2009 (15:58)
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Jul 20, 2009 (16:43)
iwsor wrote:I just installed beta 5 but it cras...

Jul 20, 2009 (16:53)
It seems to me that I've got a similar problem ...
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Jul 20, 2009 (16:55)
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Jul 20, 2009 (17:04)
After loading "old" project it happen...

Jul 20, 2009 (17:07)
In the continued absence of Swap Panels, here a...
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Jul 20, 2009 (18:46)
Several external plugins that worked well in 8....

Jul 20, 2009 (18:49)
Ceox wrote:I can't figure out how to send the m...
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Jul 20, 2009 (18:54)
marypoppins wrote:I have Upgrade Producer to XX...

Jul 20, 2009 (19:02)
Edit/Delete this post i have never had such ...

Jul 20, 2009 (19:05)
Boomin36Beatz wrote:Why Why Why???Why did you n...

Jul 20, 2009 (19:09)
@nucleon: Thanks!

Jul 20, 2009 (19:16)
Nucleon my English is really bad so don't take ...

Jul 20, 2009 (19:25)
I cant find it anywhere on my account Can any...

Jul 20, 2009 (19:27)
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Jul 20, 2009 (19:30)
You can find FL Studio 8.5 (Beta 5) in your acc...

Jul 20, 2009 (19:30)
ZooSafari wrote:I cant find it anywhere on my a...

Jul 20, 2009 (19:33)
Hi gol, For the new delete option when you cli...

Jul 20, 2009 (19:37)
GGonz wrote:For the new delete option when you ...

Jul 20, 2009 (20:30)
This new beta does not work for me, when a form...

Jul 20, 2009 (20:31)
2 monitors, 2 different resolutions......... ...

Jul 20, 2009 (20:45)
RxO wrote:This new beta does not work for me, w...

Jul 20, 2009 (20:48)
Here's what's new & fixed between beta 4 &a...

Jul 20, 2009 (20:53)
Do you mean audio tracks or audio from intrumen...

Jul 20, 2009 (20:57)
I had the problem of the beta 5 not 'seeing' so...

Maxim Korobov
Jul 20, 2009 (21:36)
Hey! People who already tested it! Does automat...

Jul 20, 2009 (21:43)
Hi and thanks for great software. I have the p...

Jul 20, 2009 (21:54)
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Jul 20, 2009 (22:05)
just saw Plugin database\Effects\Pitch bu...

Jul 20, 2009 (22:25)
Boomin36Beatz wrote:Nucleonmy English is really...

Jul 20, 2009 (22:39)
is this an Placeholder for another new EffectPl...

Jul 20, 2009 (22:46)
you forgot to update FL sytrus to 2.61...(so it...

Jul 20, 2009 (23:27)
no way! any right-click on events crash this ne...

Jul 20, 2009 (23:29)
no way! any right-click on events crash this ne...

Site Admin
Jul 20, 2009 (23:39)
Boomin36Beatz wrote:but i think it would be bet...

Site Admin
Jul 20, 2009 (23:42)
RxO wrote:This new beta does not work for me, w...

Site Admin
Jul 20, 2009 (23:46)
Ezitsuj wrote:Hi and thanks for great software....

Jul 21, 2009 (0:10)
gol wrote:no way! any right-click on events cra...

Jul 21, 2009 (0:12)
Little bug found with the content libary "...

Jul 21, 2009 (0:21)
Ezitsuj wrote:Hi and thanks for great software....

Jul 21, 2009 (1:09)
I always wondered where the 'reload plugin' fun...

Jul 21, 2009 (1:54)
reflex wrote:Ezitsuj wrote:Hi and thanks for gr...

Jul 21, 2009 (2:18)
Hi there, Just installed Beta 5 but I have loo...

Jul 21, 2009 (4:32)
Well I've finally had some time with the new be...

Jul 21, 2009 (4:43)
Hi there, Well I reinstalled and now everythin...

Jul 21, 2009 (4:51)
its an effect under fruity plugins. should be t...

Jul 21, 2009 (4:52)
Reflex wrote:You can get the same result by rig...

Jul 21, 2009 (4:53)
I'm amazed that vocodex is free!!! mine says d...

Jul 21, 2009 (5:01)
ProfessorCP wrote:I'm amazed that vocodex is fr...

Jul 21, 2009 (5:06)
Loving Vocodex. Thanks IL

Jul 21, 2009 (8:03)
The Unsigned wrote:I'm amazed that vocodex is f...

Site Admin
Jul 21, 2009 (8:46)
Bassfader wrote:Little bug found with the conte...

Jul 21, 2009 (9:41)
why edison turned into demo version from beta 5...

Jul 21, 2009 (9:57)
idefix wrote:gol wrote:no way! any right-click ...

Jul 21, 2009 (12:26)
Fruity phaser is still showing the preset's swe...

Jul 21, 2009 (14:20)
My FL still crashes. Also in project that I sta...

Jul 21, 2009 (14:24)
no way! any right-click on events crash this ne...

Jul 21, 2009 (14:48)
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Jul 21, 2009 (15:06)
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Jul 21, 2009 (16:09)
acedrums wrote:hey Nucleon, will it work well w...

Sicky Popp
Jul 21, 2009 (16:32)
i got lots of issues with my soundcard......i h...

Jul 21, 2009 (17:21)
reflex wrote:Boomin36Beatz wrote:but i think it...

Jul 21, 2009 (17:42)
Hi there. I tested the new Vocodex and it soun...


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