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best laptops for FL Studio

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Oct 29, 2009 (1:05)
My desktop PC died and now I'm planning to replace it with a laptop. What laptops work best with FL? Some of the laptop processors seem like they might be underpowered for music production but on the other hand I don't want to have to buy a core 2 duo if an older cpu is acceptable. I saw somewhere on here Gol said FL doesn't really use both cores right now anyways and FL is 32-bit for the forseable future. I imagine a celeron or turion or whatever is too under powered especially with small cache. But do c2d cpus really help that much with FL? I've also been debating getting a Mac since Windows 7 isn't too exciting and Vista was a resource hog. Can FL run on a Mac at all? Logic certainly looks good but I don't want to waste all the time to learn a new DAW just for a somewhat improved OS. Lastly any thing to look for regarding sound, storage, etc? My music hardware is just usb-midi stuff, 88 key controller and an mpd24.

Oct 29, 2009 (1:09)
How much money are you prepared to spend on a l...

Oct 29, 2009 (1:41)
Oh yeah, I forgot. Around $500. Maybe go up to ...

Oct 29, 2009 (1:53)
Then really if you want the best spec you can a...

Oct 29, 2009 (4:02)
My desktop was already up to date. It was a c2d...

Site Admin
Oct 29, 2009 (5:10)
luxun wrote:Oh yeah, I forgot. Around $500. May...
What's this knob do? The F1 key is your friend!

Oct 29, 2009 (5:54)
I just got a g60t laptop from hp for $660 after...

Oct 29, 2009 (13:49)
What audio interface are you using with your la...

Oct 30, 2009 (12:10)
My ancient Inspiron 6400 runs FL 9 and Cubase 3...

Oct 30, 2009 (13:40)
Legion303 are you saying that you run your audi...

Oct 30, 2009 (16:08)
Those specs are similar to mine, except slightl...

Oct 30, 2009 (19:55)
Hello, I use laptops for music too and I ca...

Mr. sickVisionz
Nov 01, 2009 (14:33)
I use an HP laptop but I wouldn't recommend any...

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