Korg padKontrol Native Mode Communication Module

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Dec 04, 2009 (1:31)
finally, after one year I could continue working on my Korg padKontrol Native Mode Communication Module, now that FL supports Sysex input since FL 9.0.3.

for building this, the following resources were used: http://www.thecovertoperators.org/uploads/PadKONTROL%20imp.pdf and http://www.korgforums.com/forum/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=22466.

as soon as you load the project (and the PK is connected), the PK is put into native mode. you can tell that this has happened when the display says "voL" (or whatever you setup in the preset you loaded) and some lights are turned on. it is gui user-definable how the PK should start light-wise.
if it does NOT initialize automatically, try pressing the "Init Native Mode" button. if it still doesn't dive in into the main module, and check if an error string is displayed for opening either the midi input and/or the midi output (it's planned to put that onto the main gui).
as soon as the PK is in initialized native mode, you start getting sysex messages which are getting decoded for every control on the PK as triggered (green) data (generally it COULD be enabled that the pads + knobs still send midi data, but i used full native mode here, see test district in the modulesae).

a new feature is that all the controls (exept to the encoder as i don't know yet what to do with it) are useable as FL internal controllers! yay!
i also built a common gui which lets adjust some options for the inputs (mainly latches).

and you can setup every light on the PK to either on, off, blink (constant, non changeable rate), or oneshot with a given time. the lcd can either be driven as single leds (cool), or with an ascii character code. note that only all three 7-segmets can be set at once with the ascii code method and decimal points are turned off then. you can turn them on after the ascii message though.

bugs, noteable things: sometimes the schematic crashes FL when the PK is on and i either edit the name of a module or a value of a data primitive or i save the schematic. no idea why! if you've got any info on this, please let me know.

there are still many todos, but it should be workable. if there are any real bad things, let me know.

have fun and please post your applications and ideas!
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Dec 04, 2009 (2:02)
Great stuff! Thanks for sharing, I wanted to do...

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