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Help! Project will not complete Rendering, any settings or tips?

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Shaun William
Feb 01, 2010 (21:20)

I need to provide "tracked out versions" of my songs for clients, and I'm looking for tips or any settings that can speed up this process, besides the fact of actually deleting files off my computer to free up space. (Which I will still do....)

The rendering is stuck at 84%, and I tried Both 24 bit wave exporting and 16 bit wave exporting. Also, I am exporting to an external hard drive which I believe should make it easier on my comp?

Thanks for any help

Feb 01, 2010 (21:22)
Try highlighting the full song in the playlist ...

Feb 01, 2010 (21:29)
when the rendering gets stuck at 100% it may be...

Feb 01, 2010 (23:45)
Also check that there is actually enough free s...

Shaun William
Feb 02, 2010 (4:01)
Thanks everybody! After some trial and error, ...

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