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Help! FL Studio / Reason Rewired - "Engine not responding"

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Shaun William
Apr 23, 2010 (21:21)
I recently had a hard drive failure, then a deleted "profile" on my computer where everything got deleted.

Long story short: I managed to get everything back and I have a new hard drive.

Not sure if it's correlated with the above, but when I try to Launch a Reason Rewire Channel (in the rewire channel in FL Studio) I get the following message:

Reason: "Engine Not responding. Please Check your Rewire Host."

When I close FL Studio and simply load reason by itself, it loads fine. When I'm trying to Rewire thru FL Studio, it shows that error message. (I've never had a problem in over a year until now)

Does anybody know how to remedy this situation?

I appreciate any help.


Apr 23, 2010 (22:30)
I have had some problems using Reason Rewire wh...

Apr 23, 2010 (22:35)
Might be worth looking in here http://forum.ima...

Apr 23, 2010 (22:55)
Options --> Audio Settings --> Make Sure ...

Shaun William
Apr 23, 2010 (23:26)
Hey Tote, that makes complete sense, and yes I ...

Willful Lyrikz
Aug 05, 2011 (18:22)
Hey THANKS TOTE. I almost gave up on this.

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