Snoopy Flying Ace for XBLA designed in FL released June 2nd

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Mon Jun 07, 2010 6:00 pm

Snoopy Flying Ace for XBLA designed in FL released June 2nd

Hi Guys, my xbla game was finally released on june 2nd and seems to be doing well. Here are some favorable reviews. All of the music was composed in FL Studio and all sfx were designed in fl studio. The only instance in which Fl Studio was not used was in creating seamless looping sound effects in which case Sonar was used.

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When it comes to the audio in this game, it’s second to none as well. While of course we don’t have the original voices of the Peanuts, the voiceover work is superb and really immerses you into the storyline and truly makes you feel like the old gang is back. I was simply amazed at the quality soundtrack you have trumpeting in your ear while in menu screens or in a heated dogfight. The music really gave you a sense of the time period as well as the courage and determination that our hero Snoopy would display so proudly.

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More than anything else, the sound design really stood out to me. Let me repeat that: the sound design in a game about Snoopy was something other than terrible. I don't know what to believe anymore! Best of all,Snoopy Flying Ace is very reasonably priced at $10. If nothing else, go download the demo. ... lying-ace/
Only a single game this week, mostly because its awesomeness would instantly render any other game moot.
Still depressed about losing the ability to play Crimson Skies online due to the original Xbox Live going down? Leave it to Snoopy to help you out. This fantastic arcade flight title is everything you would hope it to be, with smooth, consistent flight mechanics, satisfying weapons, great music, and freakin’ Snoopy. Online play is loaded with basic deathmatch modes, and newcomers like Rugby. The game is a visual stunner, and a decent length single player campaign (and co-op missions) make this a “duhâ€Â

Mon Jun 07, 2010 6:03 pm

very nice! I've been looking forward to this, a...

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Labelwhore wrote:very nice! I've been looking f...

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Congratulations, seems to be a great game! Too...

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Dion wrote:Congratulations, seems to be a great...

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good reviews, well done mate - not got an xbox ...

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melonrobotics wrote:Labelwhore wrote:very nice!...

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Nice work, saw that this got a good mention on ...

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