Madeon Wins Pendulum Remix Comp

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Sat Oct 23, 2010 5:42 am

Madeon Wins Pendulum Remix Comp

I'm pretty sure Madeon is a FL Studio user?

He won the Pendulum - The Island remix comp.,the-island-remix-competition-winners_146.htm

Well done mate.
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Sat Oct 23, 2010 6:12 am

yup, already mentioned in the thread in song ex...
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Sat Oct 23, 2010 7:03 am

Oops my mistake. Feel free to merge/delete this...
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Site Admin
Sat Oct 23, 2010 8:39 am

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What's this knob do? The F1 key is your friend!

Sat Oct 23, 2010 6:06 pm

I really didn't want to like this, not really m...
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Sat Oct 23, 2010 6:09 pm

YES! Totally chuffed for the lad. He's going t...
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Sat Oct 23, 2010 7:43 pm

Great track indeed. Lots of French Touch... wel...
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Sat Oct 23, 2010 9:11 pm

I've already said it, but great job and it's th...
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Mon Oct 25, 2010 7:30 pm

congrats; madeon, your track rocks. i also en...
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Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:01 pm

Thank you guys for the congratulations, and tha...
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Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:44 pm

Madeon !! Great mixed I listened to it over a f...
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