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Please make FLStudio work with E-Drums

Post your ideas and suggestions here
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Jan 31, 2011 (18:04)
Please, please, please implement something so I can use my v-drums to trigger VST plugins through FLStudio.

I have a Roland TD-4 kit and have been trying to figure out how to get the hi-hats / cymbal chokes working with addictive drums.

It works fine in every other host I have tried, just not FLStudio.

This is the #1 issue holding me back from using this application for 100% of my workflow.


Jan 31, 2011 (18:10)
similar problem... http://forum.image-line.c...

Jan 31, 2011 (18:27)
Try this template, load the drum VST and play y...
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Jan 31, 2011 (18:38)
Thanks for the quick replies from both of you. ...

Feb 01, 2011 (0:23)
Nucleon. It doesn't work. Chokes and Hi-Hat a...

Feb 01, 2011 (0:38)
I see. Normally the high hat triggering via a p...

Feb 01, 2011 (17:26)
...this makes me sad. FLStudio is supposed to b...

Feb 01, 2011 (17:37)
What midi message is your kit sending via its h...

Sensorium of Quinn
Feb 01, 2011 (19:44)
wenis wrote:...this makes me sad. FLStudio is s...

Feb 01, 2011 (20:03)
Nucleon: I'm not 100% sure and will look in th...

Apr 15, 2011 (19:08)
I second this I'm unable to use my Alesis dm10...

Apr 17, 2011 (20:54)
It makes me sad that I've tried hooking up my A...

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