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FL 10 crash with Sylenth1

All FL bugs & fixes here. One bug/thread
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Seb It
Apr 24, 2011 (23:01)

Since I've got the new FL Studio 10.0.0 (the beta's worked but this one doesn't 100%), I get crashes. Figured out how to reproduce it:

You need Sylenth1 as a VST plugin

1. Open the attached project in this thread
2. Open the mixer
3. Play the song (playlist) and keep playing
4. add Fruity Filter to the Sylenth1 mixer channel
5. Change the Fruity Filter's cutoff knob with you mouse
6. Create an automation clip for that knob
7. drag the right point in the automation clip to 0%
7. Right click on the score pattern (with sylenth1) in the playlist to remove it
*FL hangs/crash*

Happens with multithreading ON and OFF

PC: Windows XP 32-bit prof
4 GB ram (~3 working because of 32-bit)
Intel i5 2500K quadcore
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Site Admin
Apr 26, 2011 (17:06)
It doesn't happen here, so far. What version o...

Seb It
Apr 26, 2011 (17:13)
2.2! And FL 10.0.0 I tried to reinstall FL but...

Site Admin
Apr 26, 2011 (17:27)
Is the Current Project folder in the browser op...

Seb It
Apr 26, 2011 (17:29)
Closed Weird, it sometimes happens now. Not ev...

Site Admin
Apr 26, 2011 (17:33)
If it happens again, try to pay attention to ex...

Seb It
Apr 26, 2011 (17:36)
Here happened again and made a (bad) screen cap...

Site Admin
Apr 27, 2011 (9:25)
Sorry, no luck reproducing it. Does it happen ...

Seb It
Apr 27, 2011 (15:22)
It happens with -all the fruity filter paramete...

Seb It
Apr 27, 2011 (22:35)
Removed FL Studio and cleared settings etc. Rei...

Site Admin
Apr 28, 2011 (13:17)
Ok, let us know if it happens again.

Mar 09, 2013 (16:03)
Seb i know thisi s going to sound crazy but i t...

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