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Lost registration codes (can't log into 'MY ACCOUNT'!)

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Site Admin
Jan 19, 2008 (2:16)
If you have lost your registration codes and can't log into the site -

1. Try clicking >HERE< to see if you can 'auto-login' to your personal page. This relies on your browser remembering your login details, make sure you are using the same browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome etc) you used to originally create the account.
2. Try the >Password Recovery Feature<. If you have registered using that email address, a new login link will be sent to you at that email address.
3. Still having trouble? Create a support ticket - >Click HERE<

Note: When you retrieve your login details please save them in at least 2 safe places, one safe place should include a paper copy of the information.

The FL Studio Support Team
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