Envelope Controller LFO and FX trigger presets and demo

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Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:57 pm

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Envelope Controller LFO and FX trigger presets and demo

Demo of various uses of Fruity Envelope Controller including tempo synced LFO and multi effect triggering via notes in the piano roll:

The tempo synced LFO preset:

Synced LFO .fst

Link the speed knob of the Articulator 1 LFO to its own Articulator 2 KEY output. Notes from C0 in its piano roll change the LFO speed to different tempo synced values. Link Articulator 3 to a target parameter in order to link it to note velocity.

The FX triggering Layer preset:

FX Trigger Layer.fst

This loads the Layer channel and multiple Envelope controller channels. Link each of their Articulator 1 outputs to the effect mix knobs in the mixer.

Notes from C5 in the Layer piano roll trigger the different Envelope controllers and so activate the different effects. Velocity changes the max value and so the mix of each effect.

Project file:

Envelope controller demo.flp

More info on Fruity Envelope Controller in Scott's Guru video:

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