Petition To Bring The Step-Sequencer Repeat Button Back

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Wed Apr 11, 2018 5:53 pm



shroomhead_one wrote:what if the nearest beat is not actually the next bar?
Sorry, I meant to say bar when I said beat.

My point is, getting stuff to loop in sync isn't rocket science. Even a dumb solution can work really well, otherwise pedal-controlled looper machines wouldn't be a thing.
The split between step sequencer and piano roll data was completely arbitrary and merging them was a great move indeed. However, the repeat function was an amazing feature, and not just because it only worked on one of two separate sets of data. You claim that the split between SS and PR data is necessary for this feature to work, I disagree.

We're arguing about a hypothetical feature (that also happens to be quite hard to talk about) and neither of us can validate their assumptions, so there's not a lot of point to it all.

What's important to me is that IL try to bring the feature back. As "dumb" as it was, it enabled an extremely quick and convenient way of working that you may not be able to appreciate if you haven't used it much, but just give us the benefit of the doubt. It's not like there's anything to lose for you here.
The only way to truly go back to the way it worked is to either roll back to having two sets of data or have the DAW decide a lot of things automatically based on, frankly, subjectively connotated user input.

I don't think a rollback on this is going to happen or should in fact happen.
Of course it's not going to happen, and it doesn't have to, anyway. For this feature to work the DAW doesn't have to decide all that much. All it has to do is to fill empty bars with the content of the bars preceding them. If you don't like what it does, you turn it off, or you put a silent note somewhere to control the loop length, or you use the new mechanism IL might just be able to come up with to let you control the loop length. I also actually hope that, if they bring it back, they visualise the looped notes in the piano roll so it's easier to see for everyone what's bein played back at any given time.

If this feature can be brought back, it can be brought back in a really good way. The implementation doesn't have to be shit.

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