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Mon Aug 31, 2015 3:12 pm


FL STUDIO 12.x/20: Your ideas, wishlist, suggestions, etc. --- TOPIC CLOSED

Ok, so I get it that FL Studio 12, which is awesome as ever, is only just out and it will be foolish and too optimistic to even think about FL Studio 13 at this point. However, the only intention of this topic is that we consolidate ALL of our ideas, suggestions, wishlist, etc. under one single thread, so that it becomes a good reference for everyone. I know IL must also be having their own To Do list, but I think it will still be good to gather the thoughts here. I am sorry if there is a similar topic already posted. If so, please let me know and I will delete this one.

My wishlist/suggestions include:

1. Separate buttons for Mute & Solo, everywhere. i.e. Mixer, channel rack, playlist.
2. Ability to load instruments directly in the playlist, possibly making the channel rack optional (for only sequencing work).
3. Ability to lock sliders and knobs from inadvertent movement.
4. Ability to simply copy/paste plug-ins from one mixer track to other without changing destination tracks name, colour, or any other settings.
5. Real-time view of MIDI and audio recording. That is, to see the recording as it progresses. Sorry, I don't know what this is actually called as.

6. Improved time signature support. (repeating OneSevenNine's point, but I would also appreciate it). At least 2/4, 3/4, 3/8 and 6/8 support.
7. Bypass button on FX plug-ins' wrapper (repeating Subliminal Message's point)
8. Ability to simply copy and paste pattern/MIDI data between channels of different projects without exporting scores. Also, importing/exchanging some parts between different projects in a better way (similar to what UNDRTHNDR has mentioned)
9. Bigger PEQ2, as M.pyre said. And at least some features of FabFilter Pro Q2.
10.Input and Output peak level meters integrated directly inside EQ and compressor plug-ins - Fruity Compressor, Fruity Limiter and Parametric EQ2.

11. Hot key for changing piano roll MIDI colours / MIDI channels. This in my opinion would be one of the best things to include in the next update.

12. More (customize able) keyboard shortcuts if possible!

13. Built in Sheet Music/Score Editor in Piano Roll. Of course, this would not be of interest to everyone, but it would be very useful IMO. By the way I saw this feature in a tutorial video that used Logic Pro.

14. Option to Reset/Default the entire Mixer in one click.
15. Option to Reset the automation (or events edited) or anything linked/applied to a particular knob/slider/etc. directly from the right-click menu. This could be named "Reset everything", for example, and could be directly under the "Reset" option in the right-click menu. One confirmation pop-up should be added for safe deletion. I am mentioning this because the current way to delete events automation is a bit non-intuitive and difficult for some, especially those new to FL.
16. A keyboard shortcut or one/two mouse clicks to Disable the "Mixer Channel FX master switch" of all Mixer slots at once.

17. Option to enter the values of knobs and faders (using the mouse right-click>enter value) in percentage or dBs. This will make relative adjustments much easier.

18. Renaming all the patterns clips sequentially, as they appear in the channel rack sequence. That is, using some key combination with F2, one can cycle through all the patterns and rename them at once. This would be useful because a lot of times we just do not name the pattern or give the new pattern a random name, which results in random patterns names and looks unorganized. Renaming sequentially would help to sit and rename all the patterns at once.

19. A way to lock all the windows (playlist, mixer, channel rack, etc.) for a custom, fixed layout just like we have lock option for toolbars. Arrange them as you like and lock it to prevent movement.

20. All windows (Playlist, Mixer, Channel Rack, Piano Roll, Browser) as TABs. Saw it in Logic Pro X and was really impressed. A really helpful feature that can keep windows organized and keep us more focused. This along with #19 will be perfect.

21. Improve the loop recording and blend recording feature and make the behavior same for audio as well as MIDI clips. Also, option to create new pattern automatically and muting previously recorded patterns will be perfect.

22. To shuffle playlist tracks (lanes) up or down by just fluidly dragging and moving them. Also, to be able to delete multiple playlist tracks at once. Example how we move the browser tabs or multiple pdfs opened in Adobe Reader.

23. Highlighting/selecting the first channel in the channel rack corresponding to the pattern/clip when clicked on it in playlist. So if any channel is highlighted/selected in the channel rack, if we click on a clip in the playlist, the selection should jump to corresponding first channel in the channel rack.

24. viewtopic.php?f=100&t=177527&p=1247690#p1247690

25. Improve the contrast of titles/category names in "Categories" view of plugin/channel add window in the Channel Rack and Mixer.

26. Custom presets for Render/Export.

27. A shortcut or toolbar icon for "Last tweaked" and "Next to last tweaked" parameters to speed up automation creation.

The ones highlighted in bold are more important/beneficial than others in my opinion.

I will keep adding to this list as I recall.

I hope this topic proves to be useful. We can even discuss on the suggestions if required, but it will be better if only relevant discussions/QAs are done, thereby focusing the attention on only listing the ideas.

Let's go! :)
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Re: FL STUDIO 13: Your ideas, wishlist, suggestions, etc.

Hovering over knobs and sliders shows the perce...
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Re: FL STUDIO 13: Your ideas, wishlist, suggestions, etc.

GIT for FLPs from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipe...
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Re: FL STUDIO 13: Your ideas, wishlist, suggestions, etc.

HeathW wrote:Not just for version 13. How abou...
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Re: FL STUDIO 13: Your ideas, wishlist, suggestions, etc.

I don't know if this is possible, well it shoul...
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Tue Sep 08, 2015 12:49 am


Re: FL STUDIO 13: Your ideas, wishlist, suggestions, etc.

1. Create Automation Clip from Last Tweaked Par...
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