Why is the FL Affiliate Program being Discontinued?

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Tue Aug 30, 2016 1:33 pm

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Why is the FL Affiliate Program being Discontinued?


Not sure if I'm posting this up in the correct forum, but if not, my apologies in advance. I was curious to know why the FL Studio affiliate program is being discontinued after September 26th? Has it not been a helpful tool for more sales to be made? I've made a decent variety of sales over the time I've promoted FL Studio so far, and I've also had people thank me over the years for the discount incentive they received, and they've enjoyed their FL Studio since. I'm curious as to why the program would be discontinued when it is apparently helping in raking more sales worldwide.

I am hoping that others who are disappointed by the fact that it's coming to an end also voice their thoughts here. I'm hoping and crossing my fingers that Image-Line will reconsider and not end this great program.

It has been beneficial Three-Fold: 1) It is beneficial to the New Buyers of FL Studio. 2) It has been beneficial to the Affiliates promoting it, and 3) It has been beneficial to Image-Line on the extra sales being earned from it as a result. I'm confused as to why it is ending, and so abruptly soon next month.

Perhaps it can be reconsidered... or even at least extended for another year and end next September 2017 perhaps? Again, my apologies if I placed this post in the wrong forum section. Just hoping it gets seen and that the affiliate program is reconsidered rather than simply ended next month. It's been a great program thus far for 18 years as the message said on the back end... not sure why it would end now. Crossing fingers that it is reconsidered and not ended so soon.

Thanks in advance.

German Lopez

Site Admin
Sat Jan 06, 2018 1:29 am

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Re: Why is the FL Affiliate Program being Discontinued?

Here's where things stand:1. Sales increased im...

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