creating new tracks

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Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:07 pm

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creating new tracks

Hi all,

I have recently been using logic pro x and pro tools and noticed a very nice workflow where you can insert new tracks ( in fl studio it's at the playlist view). Currently to get a new track in fl. studio you need to right click and press insert new track and you only get one track at a time (sometimes a very time consuming process) . in e.g. pro tools it's much easier ( command+ shift+ N) and you also get a window to type in how many tracks you want to add. ( see picture).

( I am aware that you have a big playlist in with many tracks but when you have an ongoing project and you're recording and you need 15 empty tracks in an instance you have to right click and insert one track at a time ( x15). if the answer would be: select all your tracks and drag them down, it is still not possible when you have renamed your tracks and everything is color-coded and organized).

maybe a luxurious issue but with the new feature in fl studio of the patterns, audio clips and automation clips it is very easy to drag and select. maybe also a nice feature to add to the tracks in the playlist view.

Looking forward to your responses and how you guys experience this.


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