HOW is this still missing in 2018 (clickbait)

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Fri Jun 01, 2018 6:02 pm


HOW is this still missing in 2018 (clickbait)

You've been working your a$$es of with version 20 and I'm so grateful for that, big round of applause and tipping my hat for you guys!
Especially for multiple playlist! That one is a winner! I had that idea myself a few years ago.

BUT, still, super important, obvious functions that exist in almost every program is still missing?

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So for god's sake, when will you fix locating missing samples the "right way/easy way" :?:

HOW can't we have "locate missing samples manually" already ?

HOW can we not get a pop up dialog that show where they were located ?

HOW can't we select what folder/subfolders to search ?

HOW come (even that GOL once said that) the first folder in the file settings list will be searched first is still not functioning ?

ALL this, in my world, is standard since more then 20 years ago!

I save many samples from big libraries in my own sample library.
I often sort my own library cause it is getting bigger and bigger, that's why they go missing even if the are in the same main folder.
So I write this in frustration cause its such a big hassle locating all missing samples!
Pls don't tell me to zip stuff. I can't have Gigabytes of zip files just cause this function isn't working.

Please look in to this and make it happen! Thank you! :wink:

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