CPU usage of FL Studio is NO LONGER SO ridiculous...or Cubase vs. FLS

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- Fervour -
Sun Mar 31, 2019 8:28 am

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Re: CPU usage of FL Studio is NO LONGER SO ridiculous...or Cubase vs. FLS

Yes. I wish the playlist had a toggle for pattern mode and audio sample mode. When you want to handle audio and midi clips in a pattern based fashion its handled in pattern mode. Toggle over to audio mode, the feature set is about cross fading, stretching, automation etc. within the playlist.

No need to use a segregated version of Edison for all the main and basic audio editing tasks. Have a lot of Edison also baked into audio mode within the playlist. Have real time effects processing for audio and midi regions possible in the playlist. Much of what makes it frustrating is everything seems so isolated into its own app. This leads to extra steps, fiddling, going back and forth needlessly.

The built in apps are great on their own. Keep them. But there needs to also be consolidation of these features within the playlist. Too much segregation leads to a beurocracy in workflow. I feel as if too much emphasis is only on new features rather than a proper consolidation period in development. Sure, new features are always welcome and people scream loudly for them, but if the squeaky wheel always gets the grease, you don't have time to reinforce the framework, even though the load of the passengers is ever increasing.(plugins etc.)

I am certain lots of manpower went into making FLS ready for mac in version 20. It divided the crew a bit. Great. Thats done now. But put the new features and plugins aside now and consolidate, while simplifying the foundation a bit before the whole house of apps collapses onto itself. FURTHER simplify playlist workflow and optimize performance. Get that dang shoddy hardware support fixed up. Give audio editing within the playlist more love, because midi handling is getting near perfect at this point in time for now. Focus on that only for a year or so and then hit the ground running afterwards to make new plugins. FLS has every other daw beat with creativity based tools. Now we need to have more final mix and mastering focus. Simple is best, less going back forth is more, when it comes to the playlist.

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