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Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:52 pm


Re: DAW Martyr Discussion Thread (Winners Announced)

sakiskid wrote:
N00B1O1 wrote:any feedback on my track to see if i can improve next time it's #117
At 0:38, 1:01, and 2:26 the vocals are really out of time. If they were in sync with the beat and I didn't lose my groove when I heard them I already think your track would be much better.

I really enjoyed the sound of everything before 0:38 (and in between the out of sync vocals).

When the beat drops, I suggest using some automation to make your bass more interesting and morph throughout the drop. For example, when 1:52 started it sounded really, really cool but got boring pretty quick because it wasn't changing at all (until 2:00, which sounded cool).

On another note; would any of the winners be willing to share their .flp? I would love to see what went into the winning remixes.
appreciate it thank you :)

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