Does Behringer X-Touch and extenders work fully in FL 20.1.1?

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Tue Jan 08, 2019 9:49 am

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Does Behringer X-Touch and extenders work fully in FL 20.1.1?

Hey all,

I know this is a controller question but have it here in case people using the X-Touch are on here but not looking in the controllers section of the forum.
If it should be moved I apologize for posting it here.

I'm looking at the Behringer X-Touch and read all the forum posts I could find here (and elsewhere) and see that a few people have had issues with that controller and FL but am hoping those were rare or have been fixed, so I wanted to ask anyone with one...
Does it work fully with FL 20.1.1?

AND what about the 8 channel extenders? Do those work and if so how many?
Over time I can see me having the main unit and 2 extenders on each side (if that order would work and still keep my physical faders in the right order). I could deal with being stuck with only 24 channel faders but my mixes are heading towards where I want as many there and 40 is much closer to how I see it working for me, but that's over time and I don't want to wait to be able to buy a different bigger mixer since getting the X-Touch and building up would help me sooner and just expand over time.

One last thing, say I do have however many hooked up, is there bank switching and if so if I have 1 unit, does the 2nd bank cover channels 9-16, next bank 17-24 and so on?
Then say I added 2 extenders for a total of 24 channels, with it in order physically (if possible) from left to right being extender, main unit, extender and would 1 click change it (the whole 3 mixers) from channels 1-24 up to 25-50 still in order, still remembering all channel settings and all that?

Thanks in advance, I really, really don't want to get even one if it won't work properly and if I can't add extenders and for it to function as I mentioned I don't even want the first one since I'll be using the setup like a real mixing desk where I can grab any faders I want even if it's numbers 2, 4 and 22 simultaneously. Bank switching even if it works I don't want necessary unless I just don't have enough extenders.

Any links or forums etc that would be advised are gladly welcome!


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