FL Studio 20.1.2 Release Candidate (Updated 31 Jan 2019)

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Thu Jan 31, 2019 11:24 am


FL Studio 20.1.2 Release Candidate (Updated 31 Jan 2019)

FL Studio 20.1.2 - We are pleased to announce the 20.1.2 Release Candidate. This is a maintenance update focusing mainly on bug fixes and some commonly requested adjustments to the new 20.1 workflow updates.


Bugs / Issues / Discussion?

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  • Missing plugins and samples - New window when opening a project file providing more information.
  • Playlist - 'Group with above track' will auto-color the track when the parent is an Instrument or Audio track
  • Track mode - Option (Right-click Channel Button) 'Separate from instrument track' to unlink Channels from Instrument Tracks
  • Automation - Initialized controls are now shown in their own folder in the 'Current project' section of the Browser
  • Ogun - New Ogun presets added, that were previously only available through Download Manager
  • Harmor - 'Olbaid' presets added to Harmor
  • Wave Candy - Automatic mode change when the window size changes is now disabled by default
  • Wrapper - 'Notify about rendering mode' option was removed, it is now always on
  • GUI Performance enhancements

  • Access violation opening the demo song "Tomas Chavez - Raubana - LIFE"
  • Audio recording to audio tracks can sometimes insert audio on another track
  • "Burn to pattern" doesn't burn all notes in some cases
  • Channel looping causes constant repainting of the playlist and piano roll
  • CPU panel is repainted when hidden
  • Crash on exit
  • Error opening "RadioactiveSandwich" demo song
  • Invalid channel index error when selecting a pattern clip in the picker panel
  • Note recording preview is broken in some cases
  • Playlist - clicking on a clip in a multiple selection doesn't select the corresponding item in the picker panel
  • Playlist - creating an instrument track in an empty project doesn't use pattern 1
  • Playlist - instrument tracks can be created even when there are no free mixer tracks
  • Playlist - make unique dialog is shown incorrectly when placing clips on tracks
  • Playlist - make unique dialog is not shown when cloning a clip in the same location with the shift key
  • Playlist - dropping an unrecognized file type on a track header adds an instrument track with an empty channel
  • Playlist - clips are constantly repainted when hovering the mouse cursor over them
  • Playlist - pattern 1 is selected after moving a clip on an instrument track
  • Playlist - nothing happens when a sample is dropped on an instrument track and "audio clip" is chosen
  • Plugin delay compensation breaks when channels are cloned
  • Punch-out marker doesn't work if there is no preceding punch-in marker
  • Right-click on an audio clip in the picker panel will focus the channel rack (when it's detached)
  • Too many tracks added when loop recording audio
  • Version update notification doesn't always show when it should
  • Control Surface: digits control doesn't send value changes out to Patcher and FL Studio
  • DirectWave: user interface breaks up in full screen when the browser panel is hidden
  • Edison, Slicex, Convolver: freeze when using pitch detection and "dump to piano roll"
  • MIDI Out: freeze when selecting some presets
  • Newtone: density parameter is not remembered correctly
  • Patcher: audio output of new generator plugins is not automatically connected to the Patcher output
  • Access violation when a MIDI device is reconnected
  • Can't select save location for files
  • Magic mouse scrolling conflicts with mouse clicks
  • Wrong icon for audio and instrument track in the channel rack
  • DirectWave: access violation when used in Patcher
  • DirectWave: access violation when importing more than one file through Finder
  • Video Player: mute button glyph is a question mark

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