View Notes from multiple Midi Clips in single Piano Roll

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Wed Feb 20, 2019 7:30 am

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View Notes from multiple Midi Clips in single Piano Roll

Hello Guys,

I have been looking into this matter for a while and I came to the conclusion that the answer is just: "no, it is not possible", but I think it is worth asking. I apologize if this has been already brought up, but I couldn't find any meaningful search keys for the forum.

Is there any way to see the notes from multiple Midi Clips from the Playlist in a single Piano Roll?

I know that a Midi Clip can contain notes from multiple instruments in the Channel Rack at the same time, and I always enable "Ghost Channels" and "Editable Ghosts" in the Piano Roll. What I am asking is a bit different: for example to have two separate Midi Clips and see the notes from both in a single Piano Roll.

This feature would be very useful when harmonizing multiple instruments in orchestral cues, where just one clip for every voice can become very busy and difficult to deal with. Ideally I would like to organize my tracks in orchestral sections, but still be able to combine the views of any of them for reference. Let's say I edit the strings, but I can also see (even if not editable) the woodwinds in the same Piano Roll.

Right now the only way to do so, is to copy over the notes from different sections for reference and mute them, then discard them later. But if any modifications are done to the reference track, they would need to be copied over again, making the process cumbersome.

Do you know if what I am looking for can be achieved? Or do you have any advice for a better workflow?


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