FL Studio 20.1.2 FLEX BETA (18 April 2019)

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Mon Mar 04, 2019 11:18 am


FL Studio 20.1.2 FLEX BETA (18 April 2019)

Introducing FLEX ... an advanced synthesis engine that includes Subtractive, Wavetable, Multisample, FM & AM based synthesis.

Both macOS and Windows Betas install in parallel with the release version and do not replace it. These are safe to install and should not interfere with a previous installation of FL Studio 20.

Expires 23rd May

Windows -

Expires 3rd May

macOS - NOTE: After installation, you will find a new FL Studio Beta icon in your Applications folder. Use that to test the Beta, not the previous release version you were using.

FLEX missing?

Right-click the Plugin Database in the Browser and select - Refresh plugin list (fast scan) and look in Installed > Generators > Fruity.
What's New?

Key: # = new since the previous beta

  • FLEX - New plugin (included free for Fruity Edition and up).
  • Zge Visualizer: support export to Instagram resolutions and aspect ratios
  • ZGameEditor Visualizer - Supports Instagram resolutions and aspect ratios
  • Option to change the maximum number of backup files (FILE settings).
  • Troubleshooting option to set FL Studio path in registry to the location of the current instance
  • Underrun counter is no longer increased while a project opens
  • Added plugin performance monitor window (View > Plugin performance monitor)
  • Patcher: new option to show cpu usage of modules
  • Added "Don't show this in the future" for error message when a midi device can't open
  • ZGE Visualizer - added "Select all" buttons to images and meshes list
  • Added "Don't show this in the future" checkbox to the deletion dialog for channels and effects
  • Plugin Manager: check mark for favorite plugins is now a star
  • Background image painting is now cached in EQUO and Fruity Vocoder
  • Update MIDI device list when the computer wakes up after sleeping
  • FL Studio can now operate as a VST or AU plugin under macOS

  • # FLEX: Downloading pack and clicking download from other instance, it makes download fail
  • # FLEX: Oscilloscope analyzer stutters and freezes when notes are played quickly
  • # FLEX: Dropdown under Master Filter changes between presets even when locked.
  • # FLEX: Wrong position of macro labels after Browser is hidden
  • # Harmless: no hints when hovering over switches
  • # Missing samples dialog doesn't have correct file extension in filter list when locating the samples
  • # Newtone: access violation when opening a sample
  • # Patterns playing from random position when switching
  • # Transistor Bass: controls for sequencer tab listed in last tweaked menu
  • "Invalid pointer operation" after opening the "more" window
  • Alt + right click to preview clip doesn't work when PR is open
  • Audio recording broken with loop rec off and a PL time selection
  • Avoid unnecessary repainting of the PL when audio clips have automated pitch
  • Can't unlock the program from the about window when the account email address contains a +
  • Channel Rack does not remember its width
  • Clone channel with multiple selection doesn't work in filter group
  • Consolidation freezes or pauses at the start when using Fruity Video Player
  • Control Surface: project saved on macOS can't be opened in Windows
  • Corrupted project files because of tempo maps
  • Crash opening popup menus in some circumstances
  • Dashboard: unzip function extracts to FL Studio folder instead of user data folder
  • DirectWave: editor doesn't update when preset is dropped on channel settings tab of the plugin window
  • Dragging sample to browser doesn't locate its folder but adds a new one
  • Dropping a plugin preset in the mixer always adds new plugin to currently selected mixer track
  • Dropping a sample on the channel rack creates a copy of the file
  • Edison: freeze detecting pitch regions
  • EQUO, FPC: opening a preset that was saved at minimal size will have glitches
  • EQUO: graphical glitch
  • FPC: MIDI loops are not read from both user and factory data locations
  • Fruity Notebook and Notebook 2: FL Studio doesn't ask to save song after changing text and closing FL Studio
  • Fruity Send: pan and volume knobs don't have a hint
  • Harmor: images over a certain size and using the format mix knob cause a crash
  • Inconsistency with naming of plugin instances from different sources
  • Incorrect channel index leads to crashes when loading some flp files
  • Issues with track routing when assigning instrument tracks from the channel rack
  • Maximus, Fruity Limiter: set the ATT / LMH Del control value on mouse release only
  • Mixer mute / volume button & wheel on plugin window breaks in certain situations
  • Plugin Manager: loading existing presets takes too long
  • Plugin Manager: potential crash because of update message when starting
  • Potential crash using zip files when the shared program files location is not the default one
  • PPQ affects the default note length
  • Selected channel is incorrect after cloning
  • Sustained note recording into overlapping patterns causes extreme note lengths
  • Using "reset mixer track" doesn't update the Changed flag
  • Wrapper: "bridged" state for plugin is not remembered
  • PPQ affects the default note length
  • # ZGE Visualizer: preview window appears white after wizard is closed
  • # Crash when deleting a channel
  • # Maxx's plugins: right-click context menus are not available
  • # Minisynth: all audio is muted
  • # IL Remote: commands are processed incorrectly by FL Studio
  • Very long mp3 files fail to import
  • Runtime error 216 during installation and launching OsxFL
  • Plugin Manager: freeze while scanning
  • Crash with samples with very long filenames and paths
  • Caps lock acts like shift is held, and sometimes doesn't turn off
  • Caps lock causes Shift + Left-Click to function as slice tool
  • Wrapper settings not persisted
  • Drag and drop to Channel Rack not working for files located on Boot Camp partition
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