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Forum rules
Please read them here.
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Sun Jul 06, 2008 10:07 pm



What's Looptalk For?

General FL Studio and Image-Line plugins discussion.
  • 'How to', 'I can't work this out', 'Is this normal', 'Hey this is cool'... questions go here.
  • 'This doesn't work' or 'I have a bug' goes in Windows Techsupport or macOS Techsupport.
These rules apply in ALL Image-Line forums.

Forum User names

User names that have the following meanings/themes are not allowed:
  • Political
  • Racial
  • Religious
  • Offensive
These themes may offend fellow users and cause unnecessary problems.


It's the Internet, you know how this works: Public Platform + Strong Opinions + Anonymity brings out the worst in some people. Our forums will be a place where customers, of all ages, to feel welcome to discuss FL Studio and music production. This is why:

Access to these forums is a privilege associated with ownership of an Image-Line product. This access is not a right. Please consider yourself a guest in the Image-Line house. We expect you to conduct yourself here as you would as a guest in a real home of a conservative owner.

This is why any post that is deemed by the moderator (people with red forum names) to be:
  • Threatening - Implied or direct physical threats, or wishing harm in any way on others.
  • Attempting to pick a fight - Trolling, goading and picking on others.
  • Profanity - Has excessive bad language OR is a verbal attack (in any language).
  • Put downs - Including racial, religious, gender or cultural slurs.
  • Is lewd - Has obscene, vulgar or sexual content.
  • Is clickbait - Sensationalist or unnecessarily confrontational/controversial.
  • Posting in ALL CAPS - This is shouting. DON'T SHOUT IN TITLES :)
...will result in the thread being locked or deleted, with or without a warning given to the offending poster/s.

If any moderator decides you are behaving badly your post may be deleted, muted or you may be muted or banned from the Image-Line forums:
  • You may or may not receive any warning depending on how seriously the moderator views your behaviour.
  • Offensive people are unlikely to receive the courtesy a warning.
  • The duration of the ban will be at the discretion of the moderators.
  • Continued spamming or other attacks on the Image-Line sites, forums or customers after a user has been banned may result in the offending user/s Image-Line accounts being deleted.

Nagging about removed threads or banned users

When we close/delete a thread or ban a member (usually temporarily), this is to stop a flame-war or cool down an overheated/intoxicated individual. There's absolutely NO need to start threads 'wondering' where thread 'X' or user 'Y' has 'suddenly gone'. This is seen by Image-Line management as a form of 'trolling' as it does little more than reignite the issues that caused the problem in the first place. If a thread has been deleted, locked or a user muted...move on.

Thread titles

Thread titles are searchable, and so contribute to the ever growing data-base users can research in order to solve their problems. Help! is a dumb title as -
  1. It provides no clue as to what the issue is.
  2. Reduces the likelihood that someone with a solution to your problem will answer you. Why should they read a 'Help' post?
  3. Shows disrespect for other forum users. Without a topic it's forum 'spam'.
So rather than "Help!!!!" why not "Help! How do I stop FL Studio crackling". It's actually fun thinking of a few key words to clearly describe your post, try it. If you don't include the subject for your help request, then it may be locked or deleted, at the whim of the moderators. Your thread may also be renamed or deleted if the title bears no relationship to the contents of the thread.

Please Use English

Google Translate your post. Short simple sentences in your original language translate best. We are happy to work this way, no need to worry.

Thought crimes

Various words entered in these forums deemed to be unacceptable (oldspeak) will automatically revert to the term acceptable to Image-Line (newspeak). Do not be alarmed, your posts will be 'double plus good' in short order 8)

Sound or project examples

If you are asking for advice about some strange noise, aspect of your sound or music, post some short .mp3 (320 kbps encoded) or a .zip project (if you can).


While we appreciate the good intentions of those posting of sales, group buys and for-sale posts to competitors products, please realise that these compete for the limited budgets of our customers too. For this reason we view it as impolite to use our forum to advertise them or to conduct your own business.

Looking for help?

Posts with 'Help' and no further information in the title may be locked, deleted or ignored, at the whim of the moderators.

If you have a technical problem please consult -
  1. The Knowledge Base. This contains a searchable database of common problems with the forums, registration and FL Studio.
  2. The FL Studio Manual. The live manual in FL Studio (press F1) can be searched on several levels, check the INDEX and SEARCH tabs to the left of the text window.
  3. Search these forums. It's possible that your problem has already been discussed. Try searching the forums.
  4. The Windows Tech Support Forum and macOS Tech Support Forum. Please be patient if you post here, we work through the posts several times per day. Staff are based in Europe and the USA.
  5. Back-office Technical Support Team. Here you can create a create a traceable support-ticket. This link is primarily for registration and purchase problems.
Please bear in mind that we have well over 1,800,000 active users of FL Studio. The programs & plugins are mature, stable and free of very obvious bugs. This means that it is likely technical problem/s will be solved by changing a setting somewhere in windows or FL Studio (there are many options) or by re/installing the program/drivers.

Finally, if you are using a BETA version of something, report any bugs on the relevant forum, don't complain about them in Tech Support :?

We want to help, but need your cooperation. Please be clear and positive if you have a request for help.


If you make a feature request, please make sure it's clear. Use step-by-step workflow explanations, bullet point lists and mockup images.

If we have to work too hard to read it, we are less likely to consider it.

NOTE: We have a list of over 1000 things to do so, we're busy till 2069 :)

What have we done so far?

See here

Thank You.
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