Slicex features request..

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Fri May 24, 2019 11:24 am

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Slicex features request..

1. Option to increase the size of the plugins size 2x, or bigger waveform editor.

2. Option to change default auto-slicing method

3. More auto-slicing options and more macros like do not auto slice when adding new sample.

3. Option to change scroll sensitivity or markers.

4. Option to keep slices on the black notes or white notes even when changing sample.

5. Option to Lock markers / regions when changing a sample.

6. Easier toggled click and point way of adding and removing markers / regions.

7. Play till end option like Fruity slicer without running script.

8. Better peak detector, its a bit over the top for small peaks and the default auto-slicing options is to sensitive for instrument sounds.

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