Audio Editing with multiple tempo changes

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Wed Jun 05, 2019 3:45 pm


Audio Editing with multiple tempo changes


I'm doing the production on a track with pre recorded audio files which is causing some headache here. I have received 8 audio tracks recorded in Logic which changes time signature and BPM 4 times during the track, and I was wondering if someone was able to help me solving how to set up an FL-project with these time signature and tempo changes?

The changes in time signature is okay with me, but the tempo changes is more of a problem as tempo automation stretches and moves all audio clips according to which BPM the song is in at different times. I understand why it happens, but not how to overcome it. I need to set it up as I'm going to do a lot of programming and sound design in addition to editing the audio as well. The audio clips has tempo marks where the BPM changes all 4 times, so I'm able to cut the audio files precisely. What happens is that when everything is sliced and arranged, and all the tempo automation is set, whenever I change the tempo, the previous tracks also changes and makes it impossible to actually work with the track.

Here's an example of what happens in order to help you understand my problem:

I have 4 audio clips, 2 of which has a BPM of 110, and 2 which has a BPM of 120. The order they are going to be arranged is 110BPM - 120BPM - 110BPM - 120BPM. So far, so good. I place the different audio clips in the right order, and create the different tempo automations, and this is where the problem starts. When I go from 110BPM to 120BPM, the 110BPM-clip stretches (IMPORTANT: Audio is not time stretched, but the clip overlaps the 120BPM visually) over to the 120BPM-clip. The same happens from 120BPM to 110BPM, but where the clip just stretched, there's now a gap instead. I completely understands why it happens, but not how to solve it so I'm able to actually produce music from it.

Logic handles this in a much more elegant way where nothing changes visually, it just works. I could have just used Logic if it wasn't for that I'm an FL user, and the artist who recorded the audio herself uses Logic.

I hope this was somewhat understandable.

Thanks in advance! :)

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