"Imploding/Exploding" Channels' Contents in a Pattern

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Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:00 am


"Imploding/Exploding" Channels' Contents in a Pattern

In notation editors, there is a feature called Implosion/Explosion, which basically takes notes across different staves and combines them into one stave (implosion) or separates them out to different staves (explosion).

We kinda, sorta seem to have ways of doing this in FLS.

One way to do this in FLS might be if you had two channels (Bass and Soprano) and two patterns (one with the bass line only; and the other with the soprano line only), then you could just align them and merge the patterns (for an implosion work around). Or, if they were already merged, you could "Split By Channel" (for an explosion work around).

But, suppose a different case scenario...

Suppose you had four channels (B,T,A,S) in just one pattern, and you wanted to implode or explode all or some of them... It's possible you can separate them out into colors, and then (to implode) add copy and paste them into one channel, or (to explode) select each specific color one at a time and copy and paste it into a new channel designated for that voice.

But - ermm... that can get to be a bit much... is there an easier, more direct way of doing this implosion/explosion thing in FLS that I am missing? It does work across channels in notation editors, and FLS's color schemes seem to be oddly similar to notation markup, so...




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