(HELP) Send MIDI Plugin info to VST and Record it?

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Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:21 pm

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(HELP) Send MIDI Plugin info to VST and Record it?

Hello everyone,

I've done my best trying to find an answer on the web or the forums for this, but to no avail. Hopefully someone here might have the solution.

I'm trying to send the midi info from a MIDI generator VST (in this case a custom NI Reactor Ensemble) to either a stock FLStudio plugin or a 3rd party VST. I want to be able to use the MIDI VST to control the intrument VST and be able to record it into the playlist; ideally recording the midi into the piano roll for the intrument VST (FLEX for example), just as if I was playing my MIDI keyboard.

I think I found a way to send MIDI info the instrument VST, but if I press record and then play, I can hear the sound but nothing is send to the playlist.

Here are the three plugins I'm trying to make work together.

I know you can use the MIDI imput/output Wrapper settings for 3rd party VSTs, but FLEX does not have the same settings. Also, doing this only provides audio output from Serum to the playlist -- not MIDI.

Am I supposed to do it this way for stock plugins? Please note that with the FL Patcher, I'm still only able to get audio output, but not MIDI sent to the playlist.

Or this way? And in this case, I don't even get sound from it.

I appreciate your time in reading this and helping me navigate the software!

Fri Jul 12, 2019 5:49 am

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Re: (HELP) Send MIDI Plugin info to VST and Record it?

I would simply drop an FL Studio Mobile into Pa...

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