Looptalk Monthly Contest - Refreshed and Resynthesized - September

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Fri Oct 04, 2019 11:17 pm


Re: Looptalk Monthly Contest - Refreshed and Resynthesized - September

not being able to modify the motif is way too limiting.

What's to stop me from the motif being on bass, and adding some effects, and changing automation on effects rather than changing the motif itself, and make drum and bass / neuro / dubstep out of it, to the point of nolonger being recognizable?

Transposition is a pretty necessary element of music writing, as are various other modifications over time. switching to triplets, adding swing, arpeggiation, etc.

sure, you could just adjust the volume of the original looping motif, and layer a modified duplicate on top of it...

But uh... if you can have the motif played on multiple instruments... you could just have the other instruments be detuned, at which point you could detune arbitrarily, and claim composition changes as sound design.

As soon as you restrict to "This exact loop, which goes unmodified in any way at all", it stops being fun.

As for the halloween theme, I was thinking Tubular bells myself, or possibly In the house, in a heartbeat.... That type of building repetition is absolutely my jam. the original description just SCREAMS this type of music, and it being October makes it perfect, and I think further restricting it too much more might take the fun out of it.

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