FL Studio 20.6 beta | Win 1272 / Mac 576 (6 September 19)

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Thu Sep 05, 2019 11:46 pm

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FL Studio 20.6 beta | Win 1272 / Mac 576 (6 September 19)

This is the FL Studio 20.6 EARLY beta (Will display as 20.5.1.xxx), we are still adding features.

FL Studio 20.6 beta.jpg


EXPIRES 9th October 2019

Report bugs and discuss issues here

What's New?

  • NEW Export rendered song to Soundcloud (in progress)
  • Make unique as sample window has "Don't show this again" option
  • Access to articulator settings from the automation clip's menu
  • Added default color setting for Playlist, Piano roll, Event and any other editors
  • Manage "don't show this in the future" dialogs in settings window
  • NEW Fruity Voltage Controller plugin
  • DirectWave: support for FLAC monolithic mode
  • FLEX: add indication of available updates for installed packs
  • FLEX: show hint instead of modal dialog when there is a problem downloading data
  • FLEX: show a message when a preset can't be opened
  • FLEX: when opening a project, any missing packs are shown in the missing data window in FL
  • ZGE Visualizer: NEW export video wizard
  • ZGE Visualizer: new effects "Youlean Retro Road", "Youlean Time Bar", "Youlean Time Stamp"
  • ZGE Visualizer: Projection effect now has a "Transparent" checkbox

What's New doc

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