How does FL studio handles newly recorded audio files

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Sun Dec 01, 2019 1:30 pm


How does FL studio handles newly recorded audio files

Hi, I just bought FL Studio and I'm trying to understand how it handles newly recorded audio files. I have been testing a few things and I can't wrap my around the following things:

1. So by default newly recorded audio files will be stored in the /Users/username/Documents/Image-Line/FL Studio/Audio/Record folder. For every single project, you can specify a specific folder to store your newly recorded audio files.

1a. When selecting a folder you cannot select the project itself. However, you can select the same path as to where your current project is located and make a folder with the same name as your project there. When selecting this folder FL will ask you to store the project file into the same folder. When saying 'yes' it will make a copy of the original FLP and copies that into your new folder. But... why does it still leave the other FLP there? This is confusing. Now I suddenly have 2 project files of the same project, and I have to manually delete the other project file to stay organized.

Why don't you have some sort option called 'Store data in project location' and FL studio will automatically create a new folder (with the same name as the project) in the same path as where the FLP was saved, put the FLP in that folder, and create in that folder a new folder called 'Recordings' or 'Audio Files' where FL stores all the newly recorded audio files from that project??? Why do I have to manually set this all up ....

2a. When deleting a newly recorded file I don't understand what happens. So let's say I have not specified a data folder and thus new recordings will be stored in /Users/username/Documents/Image-Line/FL Studio/Audio/Record. When I right-click and delete the new recording FL studio says 'the selected channel is about to be deleted no undo'. Then I go to Tools --> Macros --> Purge unused audio clips. Now if I take a look at the default record folder I see that the recording I just did is still there. Why is it not deleting the recording completely from my disk? Why is there no button that allows me to hard delete all the recording takes I did in the project (and don't use) from my harddisk?

2b. Let's say I start a new project (i don't save the project) and do some audio recordings after that I'm done and I close the project. Why does it not give me an option that says: 'hey you've done some recordings but you haven't saved the project, do you want to delete all the recorded files? And I can say yes and all the files will be deleted?

3. When I do the following: have made a recording --> then go to the folder when the .wav is saved --> delete the file --> empty thrash bin ... Why does the audio file stil work in the project? Only when I close FL and then reopen it, it says missing audio files.

Thanks in advance! :)

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