Echo at all Patterns/ Problem with Patterns

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Thu Mar 26, 2020 2:04 pm


Echo at all Patterns/ Problem with Patterns


first of all i have to say: that i am working since 2 months (but not every day) with FL Studio and i have some issues. Unfortunately every person that i asked for help, which i know that he is using FLP did not respond at all or not to that what i was asking. So i hope you can help me.

1.Problem Mixer Master
I am just getting by step by step, so i was thrown into the programm with 0 knowledge but i want to work with it. So i know that you can apply a echo to the Master (for example Fruity Reeverb2) but then this echo applies to all Inserts (meaning Insert 1, Insert 2,Insert 3,Insert4 Insert5 and so on and so on) In fact i just want it only for lets say Insert4 and not for all. Is there a way how you can apply that for only 1 Insert in the Mixer Master.

2. Problem Patterns
Once you have created a good vibe i thought i am able to put the Kick in Track 1, the Clap in Track 2, The Hat in Track 3. but that seems not to be the case? Additionally for these Pattern i can also select only an echo for everything and the snare does not need the echo but for example the clap needs to. Can i select only one "item" with the echoes? That would be quit handy.

And are there any good video tutorials (which did not find at you tube) about how to start with FLP? I know thats not a tool normally for beginners, but i really want to make music with this program, as this is used by so many real good artists (for example Martin Garrix) as you might know and i want to get into the direction of him.

I really hope you can help me and maybe i can find someone who could help me more regulary because to learn it on my own can be very lengthy.
Last word: is it necessary to buy so many things or can you start some good projects with the Producer Edition?

Thank you very much

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