Musical advice from a random individual

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Aleix Fontanet
Thu Mar 26, 2020 5:45 pm


Musical advice from a random individual

Hi, some music advice, it's not random though, but I needed to come up with a title for the topic. This is some advice/ feedback from some music sent by Alphagem-O, who I tank for the trust. It might be interesting, or not, to share with more people, and you're welcome to join, of course.

First of all, I have a lot to say but I'm stuck, for the moment, without a key keyboard. I might be missing some points for that reason. Also, as mentioned, this is feedback on a particular set of compositions, it can be applied to any other music, just pointing out so that there's less room for confusion.

Chapter one: :lol:

Have heard some of it, I mean, not all of it, as I'm stuck with the bare minimum atm. There is a general pattern or trend in the way you're making decisions. This will be helpful for the purpose of the topic, also that it's all the same genere and similar sounding altogether. This is not a critic yet, this helps me out on focusing on what's most important or lacking.

You pointed out or gave it a few times the adjective of experimental but it's not. It's not experimental because it already exists, it's a very trendy Tecno/House style from the begining of the digital era, or even a bit before that. This is good and bad at the same time. It's good because there is an audience, it's bad because it feels exactly like 30Y ago, and electronic music has had a quantum leap forward and you're not benefiting from it.

It's quite awkward that you understand almost all the elements that a song needs to be a complete piece, but you don't apply any of it. Go back to the email you sent, you have written there most of the answers to the questions on what are the essentials of a piece. Let's try to find out some of those elements while referencing to your tunes.

There is no bass. I should end here this to make it feel as dramatic as it is. Of course you can get away without it, even write a master piece, there are plenty out there to prove it, but that element DRIVES the tune so it needs to be replaced, not simply omit it. Once you understand it and experience with it, you'll have a shot to replace it, but that's basically the roof of the house, and we'd rather start from the basement. We'll go on with this later on, let's set some overall references first.

The kick, it's also missing. Not like the bass that's literally missing, but that it's in the opposite frequency range that it's ment to be. It covers a lot of the high spectrum and none of the low. Yes, at some point, you'll realize you need some of that high frequency range to help it cut through, but let's also leave that for later on, when all the basics are understood and put in practice. The kick is the second element to the drive, yes a master piece can be done with a kick without low end, but like in the case of the bass, it needs to be replaced with another element that acts with the same purpose, and that's well beyond the basics.

I think it was the fourth or the fifth track, that was nice, nice for an intro of a song that never starts and never will, it's good though, but you understand that a song is something more than an intro, even if it goes on for 3 minutes or more. Once we get to the drive, you understand it and you apply it, you'll figure all this out very easily.

You pointed out about the necessity of adding, for instance, transitions, and you're correct. But why don't you do it? I mean, try. You have described some very important elements that you're missing, start applying them, you're so right pointing them out, and so wrong not utilizing them. The sooner you'll start, the more experience you benefit from.

At this point, and with all the hustle from a non key keyboard, I believe have lost a bit the sense of cohesion, so before getting too redundant, let's wrap all this up.

The DRIVE, what in the world does this mean or relate to music, to the point that, without it, there's no music, just sound. Isn't sound also art? I believe it is, but it's totally besides the point. So let's not derail the topic, or it's purpose just for the sake of arguing.

The drive is the connection or interaction of two elements that make the cohesion to a song, like a car with no steering wheels and pedals, or a spaceship that can't carry anything nor get to space. I believe this can be better explained, so don't hesitate on asking about it, also the examples are a bit edgy, but let's continue.

Humanity has made music from the creation of sounds. At first, they where simpler, but constantly evolving and adding elements. The drum and something else to make a "tune" like groove was probably what we had for a long time, more and more elements where added, instruments eventually started to appear and, with them, a lot of experimenting. But those two elements have been consistent throughout too many thousands of years to think that the listener won't notice when they're not there, not saying they all can tell what's missing, but surely you wont get away without them.

Let's try to narrow it down to the elements that we'll start using from now on to create that drive, kick and bass.

Whatever you do, no mater how long your intro will be, I recommend a rather short one though, the kick and the bass need to be in sync from the moment it kicks in. You can only unsync them on transitions, intros and outros.

Now that you have a nice riff syncing with a nice kick, start building the song, but not without a structure. Everything that we're trying to construct with this elements will crumble without, at least, basic structuring. This is the simplest of the lessons on earth, structure I mean, look it up in a browser and press images, and use any of the structures you'll be presented with. The simpler, the better for you. Let's put it this way, use sounds to put the structure and use kick and bass to drive those structures.

Now that you understand these basic elements and that you started using them, it's time to introduce you to your new best two friends that will be with you for ever, EQ and compressors. What ever magical tricks you're looking for, or fx chains with super powers that you can come up with, they are useless, and probably harmful, without the consent of your new best two friends. In fact, once you understand and master them, you'll rarely be using any of those very well marketed fx, except for Destructor, of course :wink: .

Going on about details on how to use them would be too much for a single post, and you'd rather get some visual reference, so I'll reference where to look for that info, once you get practice on the things written before. Once you understand that, of course you can ask about them, first things must come first though.

Any way, hope that this has been of any help and don't waste any time, let's start the renaissance of older school Tecno!

Thu Mar 26, 2020 7:55 pm


Re: Musical advice from a random individual

Thank you so much for your feedback, Aleix [......
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Thu Mar 26, 2020 8:03 pm


Re: Musical advice from a random individual

Aleix, the key points I read from your most rec...
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