difference mono and hardLeft/hardRight

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Les Jay
Wed May 27, 2020 9:00 pm


difference mono and hardLeft/hardRight

Hi there fanatic creators,

Just like most of you, I think, I have that urge to reach the next level.
I’ve been trying for a long time to get that ‘wanted sound’ out of toys.

I found that understanding my DAW on a deeper level is essential to get the most out of it, and helped speeding/cleaning up my workflow.

So I tried to create templates, channelstrips and default settings for plugins.
Some work, other are too big to feel comfortable.

Now I reached an in-depth drive to work more organized with panning, that is to say, stereo imaging.

And my question is:

Adjusting separate mixerchannels (one panned hard right and one left) is not the way.
For the sake of clarity and avoiding bad habbits,

can someone explain to my how?

I get it, but still, it’s still itching.

Thank you,


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