Question for IL about the future possibilities - Per note effects :O

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Thu May 28, 2020 8:29 pm


Question for IL about the future possibilities - Per note effects :O

Hello everyone!

I was thinking about that lately. I love how FL can allow you to do so much on a per note basis, and I was asking myself if there will ever be the possibility to have effects and their parameters set to work per note instead of processing the whole audio input.

As it is now obviously the answer is no, but I saw a virtual synth lately that does exactly this (MSoundFactory... a beast). You can apply distortion, phasers, transient shapers, reverbs, granular fx, autopan, and many other effects, all on a per note basis.

For example you can put a phaser on it, and each note is able to have a completely different set of values, so that each note played will not kill the previous one, resulting in as if you've put a different phaser on each note you've played ( i'm talking about different values for each note played, not different values on each key of the keyboard).

Or you can put a distortion effect, and this will distort each single note individually, instead of distorting the whole audio input. That's pure black magic here!!!

Do you think is there any chance to see this happening one day also in FL? (like in year 2056?)


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