POLL: User Monthly Contest August (vote fast until 2. August, 23:59 CET)

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Fri Jul 31, 2020 1:44 am


POLL: User Monthly Contest August (vote fast until 2. August, 23:59 CET)

At first I have to excuse myself for making all of you wait so long. After thorough deliberation I've come to the conclusion to simply let you pick one of three possibilities what this months contest should be about. As I'm seemingly not allowed to create a poll I'll just have to count your votes. Please pick one of these three options down below and don't throw in other ideas. If the votes of two or more options are tied, I'll simply decide :)


This months contest will give you the task to transition between two opposite feelings within the same song. Just don't glue two half-finished tracks together. It should preferably be a smooth transition from one feeling to another, not a hard cut. Keep its motif recognizable throughout the track.

  • turn a Super Mario-like track smoothly into Doom (2016)
  • turn a very happy track into something extraordinary dark
  • ...or the other way around. Be creative :)


Mankind has tortured nature to a point where it started to defend itself. A huge and bloodthirsty Evil arose from the depths of the earths core and wiped out most of the population. Your task is to create its soundtrack or theme - dark, powerful and furious!


I've scored a first and a second place throughout these contests with Synthwave tracks. I'm really curious what you've got :D


For reference, it is 3:44am my time.

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