Using Launchpad X as a Light Show in Fl Studio

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Sat Aug 01, 2020 2:33 am


Using Launchpad X as a Light Show in Fl Studio

We finally got a Launchpad X for our daughter. She just wanted it for the light shows. So she knows how to use FL Studio but when she went to use ableton lite she ask cant we just do this in fl studio. Looking at it ableton uses effects rack to do the light show and notes. So after digging into fl studio I came up with this

1. Make sure the midi port in and out for launchpad x is set to 116,
2. Set the performance mode midi channel to 1
3. Set up internally in launchpad x to program mode. This turns off all lights and sets up the launchpad x in an easy to use note pattern. Click and hold the session button then let go and now press the mute button and you should see that your in legacy mode. Press the session pad again and you should see dark buttons
3. In the channel set up at least 25 midi out channels and set the ports to 116. Easy way create one and clone the rest. Also once you get into this you'll be create more.
4. Use the launchpad x reference manual for the note lay out. Number 36 is the bottom left button on the launchpad x.
5. Use the piano roll to start create your light patterns. Note velocity determines color.. You can also find that in the launchpad x reference manual. Use the step sequencer to lay out faster saves alot of time.
6. Put together in playlist click play and watch your light show. I spent a few hours making a few hundred light combos. Very easy with patterned midi files. Its easier and faster than you think.

If you want to adjust the colors use the lfo adjustment in tools in the piano roll. 0 is off 1 is 127 and .5 is halfway on the color chart.
In the midi out dialog box set midi channel 1 for steady lights. Midi channel 2 for blinking lights. Midi channel 3 for pulsing lights.

Now to use in performance mode is a bit cumbersome but works well.

1. When creating you patterns with instruments just merge the light pattern with you instrument pattern. Do this for each set of patterns.
2. Now prepare for performance mode.
3. Just a side note track 1 does not work for the launchpad x so keep that in mind when laying out the pads in fl studio. Use the fl studio layout reference and match it up with lauchpad x layout reference so you know what buttons match whats in fl studio.

Thats it. The one major down fall is that you're limited to the number of pads you can use as pads on a track as pads on a single track cancels the current pad playing.

You can use Launchpad components to program the pad layout and pad triggering to match that of fl studio.

Wannna cheat. We use an akai fire in performance mode and watch the light show on the launcpad.(no hands blocking the lights.

Some things that fl studio can do to make this work smoothly.

1. Create a instrument vst showing the launchpad layout so we can assign each note to the pads.
2. The ability to show note velocity when using notes in piano roll.
3. This and especially in performance mode each pad can be separate in each track not cancel each other out.

Our gear.
1. 1.88 i7 processor 32 gig ram
2. 32 gig ram
3. Akai mpk225
4. Akai mpk25 Mini
5. Akai Fire
6. Launchpad X

Let me know if I did missed or did something wrong.
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Thu Aug 06, 2020 5:02 pm


Re: Using Launchpad X as a Light Show in Fl Studio

Ok I'm stuck on an easy way to input note veloc...
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