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Technical Support
Mon Nov 16, 2020 10:38 am


Re: FL Studio 20.8 Beta 2 (Oct 12 2020)

FieryLungs wrote:
Mon Nov 16, 2020 2:30 am
As a native english speaker, I'm delighted that FL Studio is going to be more accessible to those that speak other languages. While I won't see much immediate benefit from it, one my long standing rules for music is the more the merrier.

How did Polivoks/Поливокс label their controls?
(these are the ones I can recognize)
АТАКА (Attack)
ЗАТУХАНИЕ (Extinction)
ПЬЕДEСТАЛ (Pedestal)
ПОСЛЕЗВУЧ (After sound)

But to be honest, I would not translate some things.
For German for example, if you would translate them, the short term would be "AZAF" or "AZEF" which would be bad and not fitting at all.
So I would for example don't translate them and just describe in the hint what they do.

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