Kontakt 5 libraries to Kontakt 6 Libraries

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Wed Jan 13, 2021 7:24 am


Kontakt 5 libraries to Kontakt 6 Libraries

If anyone who like to see kontakt 5 libraries to show in kontakt 6 libraries here is one method.

Programs need

kontakt 5
kontakt 6
and a program call KONTAKTED Its 20.00


Follow the instructions for Kontakted

You'll need to create a wallpaper.png. I just used a black png

Run Kontakt 5 and add the new library

open Kontakt 6 and it should show up in the list.

If you get an error saying library already exist then go into

"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center" this will have a list of XML files Delete the XML that matches the file folder and rerun

If that dont work then in both the XML file and

the nicnt file you created with KONTAKTED

find this

<SNPID>C742</SNPID> C742 can be anything.

in the nicnt file copy the first three letters/numbers and place those in the XML file

<SNPID>C742</SNPID> nicnt

<SNPID>C74</SNPID> XML Sometimes it has 3 Zeroes

This should make it work. You wont need to rerun kontakt 5 to search the library.

If in kontakt 5 you get no library found then there is another small program called KLC

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