Some questions regarding FL Studio To Do List

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Sun Feb 21, 2021 1:57 pm


Some questions regarding FL Studio To Do List

I'm have some general and particular questions regarding the List.

1. What is the time frame for this list ? FLS 20 ? Beyond ?

2. What are the priorities for implementation in the list ? Where is Audio Recording and MIDI located on that list of priorities ?

Focused particulars :
Audio Recording
  • Audio recording - Ping option for latency control?

    Audio recording - Detect inputs on the Mixer with audio on them and indicate it on the input options menu (i.e orange names). Some ideas here worth reviewing also. [#1952]

    Audio recording - Improved compiling of takes [#2727]
Is it possible to get more details on how, and if, you intend to achieve the option of latency compensated use of external fx modules and MIDI/CV Sound generators ?
  • MIDI - Stop MIDI being routed through GUI Thread Either immediately route to audio callback thread (where possible) or use secondary Thread.
    MIDI - Advanced device assignment.
    MIDI - Record CC according to input channel.
    MIDI - FL Studio to slave to MIDI sync. Also sync to other instances/applications.
    MIDI - Improve performance with MIDI hardware. Sysex
    MIDI - Make controller support scriptable and outside FL Studio code. The idea is for faster / easier / OEM control of scripts.
    MIDI - Revisit binding of controllers to Channels etc (MOD and PITCH bend). What can we do to make this easier. Also binding FL Studio transport controls to controllers.
    MIDI - When turning on 'Send master sync' in the MIDI settings ALSO flip 'Options > Enable midi master sync' ON.
Apart from the rerouting of the MIDI away from the GUI thread, what considerations have been made regarding MIDI Latency, Jitter & Drop-out ?

How is MIDI Latency thought synchronized with Audio PDC ?

In particular how will cases with use of external MIDI/CV sound generators routed back into the FLS Mixer be dealt with ?

Have any consideration been made as to what consequences rerouting of the MIDI thread might have on the latency/response time of external controllers ? Have some max response time/latency been defined for them ?
  • Mixer - Make Fader/Meter height handle more obvious.
    Mixer - Brighter mixer VU and hint labels option
    Mixer - Stems thru master render
    Mixer - Mono outputs, same as the Mono inputs ( for Mixer track OUT).
    Mixer - Fix APDC for multi-out plugins (revisit what can be done for APDC in general).
    Mixer - Grouped faders. Some way to create permanent fader groupings.
    Mixer - Investigate 'Create submix...' issues as reported by Adam.
    Mixer - Investigate issue of Mixer presets saving dock position.
    Mixer - Make 'Reset' menu items for FX slots, Channel Buttons, Mixer tracks and the whole Mixer (should require a two-step confirmation) [#2680]
    Mixer - More tracks. [#2672]
    Mixer - Option for Panning to switch from cross-channel panning (as is now) to L/R level based panning (as is possible with Stereo Shaper). [#3918]
    Mixer - Option to patcherize a single track's effects. [#2466]
    Mixer - Peak hold function + ability to inspect. [#2676]
    Mixer - Resolve problem for Wide 2 and Extra Large where the fader value hint (on channel) is hidden by the fader handle at the top of the travel. [#3919]
    Mixer - Right-click (option in the menu somewhere) on Mixer Track routing selectors to select from a Mixer track list (i.e, as in Patcher when selecting outputs on plugins).
    Mixer - Save Mono input recordings as Mono files. [#2679]
    Mixer - Save whole Mixer Templates [#2680]
How is the use of external fx thought implemented in the mixer ? Routing via connected dedicated tracks ? Plug-ins in the fx rack ?

How is the use of external MIDI/CV sound generator gear thought to be ? Connected MIDI/CV port to dedicated audio inn channel(s) ?

Looking forward to your reply.

Regards, Sven

Sun Feb 21, 2021 7:46 pm


Re: Some questions regarding FL Studio To Do List

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