FL studio ZgameVisualizer + Blender / VJ usage , integration

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Sun Sep 19, 2021 4:07 pm


FL studio ZgameVisualizer + Blender / VJ usage , integration

this thread is more for devs - maybe Villek or Shiny could help

been using Resolume Arena / overpriced but still top notch at the same time been looking for another solution with consideration of using FLS

using Blender to create VJ loops but import to FL is clunky, we can still do it and it works but...meh
now I`d like put some ideas to consider

Blender + FLS integration = both Blender + ZgameVisualizer open source, shouldn`t be a problem to figure out something

- fast import VJ loops into Zgame , reversible integration / customize loops in Blender / import to Zgame , if not happy, back to Blender etc etc
something like Ableton link with consideration of DXV , MOV formats

any ideas / recommendations ?

thing is I use FLS to produce music but then to put together VJ section / VJ loops / projection - I have to use another software, why not to do everything in FLS with help of another open source software? or just massively improve ZgameVisualizer ? probably Blender is better solution here ... anyway...

not posting this in * To Do * as it may be overlooked

price tag is the thing here - Resolume 800 euro + updates each year, FLS all plugins - cheaper

solution for DJs + VJs... good marketing move... + new customers / visual artists...

what do you think ?

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